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15ml Stock Remedy.




Aechmea nudicaulis v. cuspidata ~ Issues of Self Expression.

  1. Life has already prepared you for every problem you currently face. You are prepared, so take a bold step forward.
  2. Confidence does not mean an absence of fear. It is the capacity to handle it & still remain focused on your goal.
  3. Life is best approached by ‘going on the offensive’. Problems arise when you stop & live on the defensive.

Positive – Confident, Bold.

  • Bold action.
  • Driving forward. Reaching your peak.
  • Taking affirmative action to ensure the life of your dreams comes to fruition.
  • Taking set backs in your stride without breaking pace or momentum.
  • Dealing with obstacles as you move forward.

Negative – Unprepared, Unready.

  • Nervous. Lack of confidence.
  • Driven backwards by problems. On the back foot.
  • Perpetually preparing and getting set up. Always in rehearsal.
  • Needing all your current problems to be solved, past is healed, etc before you can move forward in life.
  • Endlessly training, studying or preparing for ‘one day’ in the future.

Pro System

  • Cause of the problem –Suppression of emotion, suppression of self.
  • The Aechmea’s relieve issues caused by the suppression of emotion & your true self. Self expression & emotional freedom are the antidote.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information.

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