Sprawling Silver Bush | 15ml Remedy

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15ml Stock Remedy.



Sprawling Silver Bush

Puya laxa

Long term comfort. Comfortable with the life process and so building a lifestyle that matches it rather than denies it. Able to sit comfortably within the experience of life without flinching.


Comfortable with who you are. Allowing yourself to be so your innate qualities can naturally express themselves. Following the spiritual path laid out by your unique personality, passions and enthusiasm. Comfortable with your life. Comfortable with the life process.

Negative – Awkward, Uncomfortable. 

Uncomfortable. Screwing up your life. Suppressing who you are. Distorting your truth. Trying to be something you are not. Turning yourself into a ‘spiritual pretzel’ in an effort to fit to an ideal.

Cause of Issue – Destabilization ( Debilitation )

The Botanical Archetype Puya is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘rehabilitation’ work.

Lesson of this Plant Group

You cannot ‘create’ good health nor ‘make’ the perfect life, for they come naturally. You can, however, disturb them in so many different ways.

The Doctrine of Signatures

On the surface, this plant appears ‘well rounded’ and the thorns ‘snag you’ into believing it. Underneath is a different story. When you peel back the branches, the plant is quite hollow and empty. It has a central stem that twists and contorts in all different directions, displaying an ‘inner agony’ and discomfort due to constant internal movement. An attempt to appear well rounded, mature and in control of life.

No medical claims made.

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