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Botanical Name – Ochagavia litoralis

Lessons – “You are never out of contact with your soul or the spirit of life”.

  • Understanding the role of the ego ( surface mind ) & the soul ( deeper mind ). I.e. The ego is designed to focus on current experiences & is not designed to report on the totality of your soul, essence or spirit or the meaning of life.
  • Therefore, the ego will create a “self image” to relate to as “you”. It will attach a whole bunch of “I am” statements and use this in replace of a full picture of who you are.
  • Therefore, your faulty self image will tell you that you have “lost your true self”. But these are not factual reports or even possible to achieve.
  • Therefore, your faulty self image will motivate you to go on a “spiritual quest” or a “mission” and think “life is a journey” ( and not a soulful experience ).
  • Look good & hard at your “spiritual quest” and what fruit it actually produces. For it may be “an ego /fools quest to fix, heal & improve a perfect soul, motivated by a faulty self image.” Worse still, it may be a mask for self-ish, self-absorbed and justification for a life of self-serving behaviour.

Tip: Define spirituality as “living a spirited life”. It’s about your unique spirit. Spirituality is not about self focus. It is about self expression and offering that to your higher power.

Positive –  Soulful. Awake.

  • Soul contact.
  • Discovering your sacred heart.
  • Looking at your life through the eyes of the soul. Taking action based on this perspective.
  • Soul realization that is achieved through positive action ( not passive introspection ).
  • Living a lifestyle that is in alignment with your soul / true self.

Negative – Soul Searching. Estranged. 

  • Yearning.
  • Questioning your existence.  Feeling like “something is missing” but not you’re sure what or how to find it.
  • Alienated from your true self.  Blind to what you truly need. Needing to change but unsure how.
  • Looking for “something more out of life”. Blinded by your ego ( surface mind ) and your negative attitudes from seeing the precious life you have.
  • Spiritual hunger and thirst. Spending your life on a never ending spiritual quest to “find yourself” purely because your ego / self image is faulty.

Pro System

  • Cause of the Problem – Alienation ( Loss of Self ) The Botanical Archetype Ochagavia is for issues revolving around a disconnection from your true self.
  • The Ochagavia’s relieve issues caused by the ego, la faulty self image & istening to head talk.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 plant groups.


  • Like the Red Sacred Heart, The Pink Sacred Heart is for “soul contact’ and leading a soulful life.
  • The Pink Sacred Heart helps you to look at your life through the eyes of the soul. As opposed to “the eyes of the ego”, which is a very different perspective.
  • The flower is for “grounding”. Which is the realization that you are, always have been & will be, “grounded in the spirit”. I.e. Your spirit. And the spirit of life. As opposed to being grounded in the “surface mind” of ego & its stories.
  • The flower dispels one of the greatest illusions of all. The idea that “you have lost contact with your true / higher self & need to (re)connect to your soul.” This is nonsense. If you suffer from this ( ego ) idea, ask yourself, “how did you achieve this monumental feat”? By listening to a faulty self image & head talk that’s how!
  • The Pink Sacred Heart is for connecting to the real story of your life. And dispelling the idea that your “spiritual path” is a tight rope of perfect thoughts & actions. It installs the idea that you are here to follow “the path of your personality” and the road you are free to travel.


  • The “spiritual quest” is really an “ego quest” to “fix, heal & improve yourself.” It’s a “fools quest” to “fix a perfect soul” and is motivated by a faulty self ( ego ) image. I.e. You are the higher self, so get on with living like you are.
  • Stop trying to “connect” to your true self or looking for yourself. You can’t be more connected to your soul, spirit than you already are.
  • “Soul contact”, “soul activation”, etc are redundant pursuits. Realizing that you are already in contact & your soul is already activated. What motivates these ( fundamentally self-centered ) pursuits is an ego that cannot see your totality, essence or spirit & therefore misreports who you are.
  • “Soul realization” is the spirit made real through physical action. So #LetFly!
  • Spirituality is about “living a spirited life”, not spending your whole life in a self-focused, self-absorbed & self-ish pursuit. You will “find yourself” through your actions. Particularly your service to others.

Pro Tip

There are three Sacred Heart remedies. Which on should you use?

  1. Pink Sacred Heart is for passive issues. It is for the unintentional loss of self that comes by listening to your ego. It begins the process of “soul contact”.
  2. Red Sacred Heart is for active deceit. It is for the intentional hiding from yourself, masking your real motivations, etc. It exposes some very hard-to-accept truths.
  3. Rose Sacred Heart is for past, long-term deceit. It is for the process of purification and ‘paying off your debts’ through service to others, society or your higher calling.

Final Thoughts.

There are two paths in life. Be careful which one you decide to travel.

  1. The journey “from flaw to perfection.” This false path is endless, fruitless and exhausting & cultivates ( self focus ) self-ishness.
  2. The experience of “perfection to expression”. This is the path you were designed for. Pouring forth your spirit on the world & shining your light on the life of others.

Choose wisely.

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