Tears of the Sun | 15ml Remedy

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Tears of the Sun

Encholerium horridum


  • The human mind is able to ( mentally & emotionally ) process life experiences – big & small – as they happen.
  • Your mind makes “detailed recordings” of your experiences. Visceral memories that can be recalled, revised & processed later. There are pros & cons to this.
  • “Sum-of-all-Fears”, Sum-of-all-Emotions. I.e. What happens when you add up all of your suppressed emotions & pool them together?

Positive – Comprehend, Conceptualize.

  • Comprehensive understanding.
  • Grasping a concept, seeing the bigger picture or making sense of the situation.
  • Able to think clearly & take action in a crisis.
  • Breaking things down into bite-size, relatable chunks.
  • “Memory decompression.” Gradually processing the thoughts, emotions, sensations that belong to an event, after the fact.

Negative – Awestruck, Overwhelmed.

  • Overcome by the immensity of your situation.
  • Massive, catastrophic or horrifying events that beggar the imagination, overwhelm & leave you in shock.
  • “Compression of consciousness”. Multiple thought patterns & suppressed emotions. All mixed together into an unintelligible, un-relatable, “dark mass” in the mind. Pooled memory.
  • “Sum-of-all-fears”. The sum-of-all-emotions that affects your health & is often depicted in nightmares. I.e. Chased by a dark, mysterious figure.
  • “Mental breakdown.” Unable to mentally process, break down or reconcile events. I.e. There is too much information to process, in too short a time.

Pro System

  • Cause of the Problem – Disassociation ( Compression of Consciousness, Suppression of Emotion, etc ). The Botanical Archetype Encholerium relieves issues caused by a mass of unprocessed thoughts, emotions & sensations. They help break things down into relatable experiences.
  • The Encholereum are for comprehension ( de-compression, de-composition ). They help to breakdown big concepts into relatable parts.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 plant groups.

Doctrine of Signatures

This species of Encholerium forms a spherical, green globe of spiky leaves that envelopes the root system. Indicating this remedy is for people who have been “swallowed up” by an experience and cannot see the bigger picture. The flowers are yellow and borne on a long, thin flower bract. Long flower stems indicate denial or aversion.

During the trials of this remedy, I experienced a series of images relating to solar flare activity & a comet hitting the Earth millions of years ago. A series of catastrophic events were in the “deep memory” of this plant species. The comet / sun flares gave rise to the name of the remedy, “Tears of the Sun.” A name reminiscent of the Inca or the Aztec tribes of the Americas.


  • Tears of the Sun is a grounding flower.
  • It has a (s)low vibration & indicates that you need to focus your mind on physical reality ( not your thoughts, not your emotions ) in order to move on.
  • When Tears of the Sun is indicated, it signals that you are on the cusp of understanding a previous chapter of life. And are about to summarize it in.a nutshell.
  • This means you are updating old information ( beliefs ) with current, new information. This process is gradual & needs to be this way to avoid more mental inputs & emotional traffic jams. I.e. Now is not a good time to think. Now is a good time to do some gardening.
  • Tears of the Sun is a crisis flower. Use during natural disasters, catastrophes or unprecedented events that are too big to comprehend and too large to express. Perfect for first responders.

No medical claims made. In memory of Robin Williams who took his own life, at the time this remedy was released.

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