Sanctuary Flower ( Protection )

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Sanctuary Flower ( *was Cathedral Flower )

Aechmea bromelifolia var. rubra

‘Psychic protection’ based upon an impenetrable spirit and resilient soul. Examining the basis of your psychic-protection rituals. Learning that many spiritual self-protection practices are motivated by fear.

Positive – Privacy, Seclusion.

+ Private. ‘Psychic protection’. Sanctuary. On holy ground. Taking refuge in the sanctity of oneself. Natural protection. Protected by your own life-force. Understanding that the only thing inside you are your thoughts, emotions, feelings… and you.  Unafraid of psychic invasion or other ideas that your privacy can be penetrated.

Negative – Violated, Invaded. 

– Trespass. Encroached upon. Harassed. Bombarded. Fear-based models of psychic protection. Perpetually using white light, payers & invocations, smudge sticks to protect yourself  but never finding lasting protection. Fear of the world outside of yourself that inspires you to protect yourself. Creating bubbles of white light to surround yourself that also affirm a sense of fear, weakness and lack of trust in your own power. ‘Psychic protection’ that is really ritualised fear. Beliefs about psychic protection that are out of touch with nature, reality and the truth. Beliefs that open the doorway to a fear of being harmed and therefore a need to protect yourself. Disturbing yourself with negative thoughts about other people, the world, etc. Opening the door to negativity through your thinking, beliefs and world view. Inviting ill feelings into your self via negative thinking. Disturbed by what you think. Blaming outside sources for the disturbance you harbor inside yourself. Unable to protect yourself from your own fear.

Cause of Issue – Suppression ( of Emotion )

The Botanical Archetype Aechmea relieves issues caused by the suppression emotion & your true self.

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