Carpet Bromeliad V, Yellow | 15ml Remedy

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Yellow Carpet Bromeliad

Abromitiella chrysantha – Issues of Lack of Self Control.


  1. Tiredness comes after normal activity. Depletion and exhaustion, however are signs that rest is long overdue. They point to ignorance and an inefficient use of energy.
  2. “Spiritual exhaustion” manifests as a state of exhaustion that does not change even with rest. It occurs when a thought ( intention ) has been fulfilled. It is a sign that your goal needs to be updated with a new line of thinking.
  3. “Spiritual exhaustion” is a sign that a stage of life is over and a new one has begun. “Spiritual depletion” is natures way of making it impossible to carry on the old way of being.

Positive – Lively, Energetic.

  • Vitality. Vitalized by life.
  • Replenished. Restored. Returning to a default, natural and neutral state of being – mentally, emotionally & physically.
  • Looking at how you are spending your time & energy. Addressing areas of life that you’re tired of & give nothing back.
  • Paying attention to what matters most in life. Feeding it with your time and attention.
  • Feeding your soul. Doing what matters most in life.

Negative – Depleted, Exhausted.

  • Over tired. Perpetually tired despite rest.
  • Exhausted but forcing yourself to carry on. Continuing a mindset that does not work.
  • Soul starved. Paying attention to the wrong things in life.
  • Feeding one area of life only. Draining energy from all other areas.
  • Used up. Burned out. Spent. Dried up. Ignoring natures signal to stop and update your thinking.

Pro System – Repetition, Reproduction ( of primitive thinking / outdated consciousness ).

  • The Abromitiella relieve issues caused by a lack of self control & healthy self management – which mirrors in the mind/body system as exhaustion.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information.

Practitioner Notes

  • The Yellow Carpet Bromeliad belong to a genus of spiny, terrestrial bromeliads that typically grow in dry soils or arid, rocky outcrops. They are tough and thrive in harsh conditions.
  • The Abromitiella address tiredness, depletion and exhaustion that are primarily caused by tired thinking & outdated / primitive thinking. They blend well with the Pineapples – another flower group that deals with stress and seriousness & the Hechtias that deal with ignorance.
  • The two Abromitiella flower remedies signal the two extreme states of energy – Green Carpet Bromeliad for toxicity ( too much ) and Yellow Carpet Bromeliad for exhaustion ( too little ). They moderate & regulate the flow of mental energy & the emotional energy that then drives the physical body.
  • Despite an ethos of “whole-ism” and mind/body system theory, natural health practitioners fall into a common trap. When a system is depleted, many practitioners react and try to “pump energy in” via vitamins, minerals, supplements or energy healing. This flower indicates this is the wrong approach. See: Doctrine of Signatures.
  • “Natural health” is the concept that the mind/body system is “healthy by nature”. I.e. The system will balance itself, self-adjust and the current state should be viewed as a depiction of an internal posture. Examine the life posture, not the apparent ingredients.
  • The Yellow Carpet Bromeliad is indicated when “spiritual exhaustion” has set in and a rest cycle is long overdue. A complete resting of the mind, “important” thought processes, emotional postures and “mental push”.
  • When a thought or intention has finished and run its course, it no longer provides emotional energy that drives your action. This is a signal that this stage has finished and a new one has begun. By returning to a neutral posture, new thoughts arise and mobilize emotional energy. By remaining focused, no new energy is granted, leading to pushing, strain and force to be unnaturally applied. In short, update your thinking if you wish to continue along the same path. The old motivations are dead.

Doctrine of Signatures

  • The dried up, shrivelled and “near death” appearance flash a warning signal to professional flower therapists. You need to adopt a “low energy” posture to see the issue clearly. This is not a signal to “pump energy into the system” via energy work, vitamins, etc. Energy will be restored, naturally in time, when the core issue is addressed. “More energy” is not the issue. The issue is on how life energy has already been used and what on.
  • Red is a depiction of warning, so caution and evasive action should be taken to deal with the situation. The presence of this flower indicates that everyone, including the practitioner, take a step back and not just “use fancy techniques that belong to an outdated model of the body”.
  • The natural appearance of the Yellow Carpet Bromeliad is to look dried up, with dry leaves. This is an appearance only and not the issue. These plants thrive in dry, arid environments where softer tissue plants cannot. The issue is the appearance that the person lacks energy, is burned out, etc. This is ego-stuff. These are not truths of their deeper, spiritual being. Address the issue of why the ego is exhausted and is out of alignment with the spirit-of-life.

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