Mexican False Agave | Stage 3 of Denial

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Mexican False Agave

Hechtia confusa

There is no point defying or ignoring what already exists. Accepting the reality of things. Moving in the flow of life rather than pitting yourself against it.


Resign. Submit to reality. Resignation. Foreclose. Scrap plans that are failing you. Spent of all energy and so quitting all negative behaviour, actions and areas of your lifestyle. Quitting what is unliveable. Paying attention to what drains away your energy or steals life from you. Attending only to the things that feed your soul and elevate your existence. Moving on from a bad position into a fresh lifestyle. Entering into a brand new stage of life and consciousness. Capitulation. Quitting what no longer works for you. Finally relieved.

Negative – Defiant, Refusal. 

Dried up. Spent. Confused about the direction that life is taking you. Exhausted of all options. Facing an uncertain or precarious future. Mentally and emotionally drained to the point of exhaustion. Untenable position. Unable to go on as you are. Facing radical change but lacking the resources to effect it. Remaining in a weak position because you don’t have the internal or external resources to move out of a bad position. Spiritual exhaustion. Unable to keep following the line of logic you have been because it is missing key or vital elements. Defiant of present reality. Defying change that needs to happen. Fighting a losing battle. Fighting against life. Refusal to face facts. Defying reality. Exhausted from pouring energy into things that are never going to work. Hiding out in ignorance and violently opposed to regaining awareness.

Cause of Issue – Negation ( Denial of Reality ) The Botanical Archetype Hechtia is for issues of Registration ( Marking in Consciousness ). They are for issues of Negation ( no awareness ) and the denying of reality.

Lesson of this Plant Group

Ignoring reality does not change what exists. Yet human beings use this tactic as though it does.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Like the plant group Puya, the plants from genus Hechtia are ‘well grounded’. They are strongly rooted plants while at the same time possess the nastiest, razor spines of any bromeliad species. These are nasty, nasty plants that even cactus enthusiasts refuse to grow them! This particular species is endemic to the Mexican desert. The thorns provide a protective barrier that indicates great safety while taking these drops, but on the flip side, ‘an impenetrable issue’ that defies logic or probing of any kind. In fact, any such probing by the mind is the very thing getting in the way of healing and closure.

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