Carnivorous Bromeliad | 15ml Remedy

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The Carnivorous Bromeliad

Brochinnia reducta

Allowing reality to be what it is without changing or manipulating this moment of truth. Realizing that when the mind turns the wheel of reality, it can become caught up in the cogs ~ this is the essence of karma. Learning to let reality be what it is; its true self and not the lesser version that your mind has turned it into.

Positive – Cunning, Shrewd.

Clever. Shrewd in how you allocate your time, energy and financial investments. Street wise. Well informed of the potential pitfalls of your actions. Well read. Astute. Aware of the tricks used by others that are used to control your bevahiour. Aware of the lies and traps laid out before you. Side stepping people who seek to manipulate you into doing their will and not yours. Allowing reality to be what it is without manual change or mental alteration. Allowing life to present itself in its pure form without your manipulating it and cheating yourself out of a fresh experience. Addressing the existential anxiety that motivates you to change life via an act of will rather than simply letting things happen. When the mind turns the wheel of reality, it can become caught up in the cogs – which is the essence of karma.

Negative – Manipulate, Exploit. 

Lies. Cheating. Manipulating reality. Caught in a cycle of manipulating reality. Trapped in a cycle of manipulating reality because your life is based upon falsehoods and not reality. Manufacturing reality because you do not think it can naturally exist the way you want it to. Manipulative to the extent that you fool even yourself. Underhanded. Conniving. Scheming. False or misleading statements that lead others away from the truth. Deceitful. Exploiting the situation for your own purposes. Exploiting other peoples misfortunes for your own gain. Luring others into serving your ends with false or empty promises. Deeply deceiving or misleading behaviour that appears to be beneficial when it is not. Luring others into serving your ends with false or empty promises. Manipulating the facts so that things appear differently to what they really are. Mislead by ‘trojan horse’ political statements that presents only a small portion of information to the public while hiding the whole story. Manipulation of reality for self serving reasons. Manipulating life so that it matches your bent mindset. Criminal minded.

Cause of Issue – Misinformation ( Manipulation of Truth ) The Botanical Archetype Brochinnia is for issues of Misinformation. This remedy is for issues of long term mistruth and the behaviours based upon them.

Lesson of this Plant Group

When the mind ‘turns the wheel of reality’, it can become caught up in the cogs ~ this is the essence of karma.

The Doctrine of Signatures

The Carnivorous Bromeliad is the only Bromeliad species to actively lure and trap insects to sustain itself. Like many other carnivorous plants, this Bromeliad uses a clever system that is designed to trick insects into believing that there is something beneficial ( nectar ) when in fact it is leading them to their death. The plant resembles the Pitcher Plants and has long, upright hollow leaves that form the traps. Suffice to say this plant uses trickery, manipulation and enticing bribes to lure its prey to doing what it wants. All of these signatures are what this remedy works with – the tendency to fool oneself into a destructive trap.

The Carnivorous Bromeliad detects ‘gross lies’ in your environment. Eventually, however, these lead back to you… and how you make yourself vulnerable to exploitation. Personal responsibility for your role is key.

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