Purple Heart ( Drama )

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Purple Heart

Neoregelia concentrica

Looking at reality as it really is. Letting the current experience of life tell the story of what is actually happening. Don’t underestimate yourself – the problem is never bigger than the one who created it. 

Positive – Accurate, Estimate.

  • Seeing things as they are.
  • Viewing life events in their proper proportions & scale.
  • Not underestimating your ability to deal with challenges or to succeed.

Negative – Dramatize, Exaggerate. 

  • Drama. Blowing things out of proportion.
  • Believing that problems are bigger than you. Thereby creating a problem where there is none.
  • Enlarging events beyond their original proportions. Then underestimating your ability to deal with them.

Pro System

  • Cause of the Problem – Delusion ( Misperception of reality, of self ). The Botanical Archetype Neorelgelia relieves issues caused by beliefs, perceptions & perspectives that have no basis in reality.
  • The Neoregela’s help to overcome faulty views & beliefs that drive unhealthy behaviours.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 plant groups.

Doctrine of Signatures

This particular Neoregelia is a standard in many older gardens and plant collections and is one of the most commonly cultivated of all the Bromeliads. In fact, if you see a Bromeliad with a purple centre like this one it is either this species, or a hybrid cultivar with this plant in its parentage.

The central eye is a metaphorical ( & metaphysical ) depiction of the human eye, complete with watery edges and flowers that ‘twinkle’. Neoregelia’s are about ‘how we see the world’, our perceptions and beliefs. The coloring of all species of Neoregelia is a metaphorical depiction of the ‘filters’ we see our world through.


  • Genus Neoregelia ( the perceptions & beliefs ) is the 2nd largest plant group in the Skyflowers range. Indicating that delusion ( not seeing clearly ) is a big issue for human beings.
  • When the Neoregelia’s are indicated, it signals the need to ‘check your eyes’ & look at how you view reality.
  • The Purple Heart deals with a specific type of delusion. The illusion that current events ( karma ) are bigger than the person that created them.
  • This flower points to underestimation of personal power, talent, capability, etc.
  • Look for it. Look hard.

No medical claims made.

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