False Agave | Stage 1 of Denial


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False Agave

Hechtia glabra

Allowing the 5 senses to inform you about the living moment. Living a life of tangible experiences, first and evaluating those experiences at the mental level, second. Realizing that your mind may be the thing getting in the way of your life.


Thoughtful. Engaged in reality. Mindful. Registering the existence of things. Collecting all of the facts and gathering information about the problem you face.  Stepping out of the mental realm and into the world of tangible experiences. Engaging your 5 senses to tell you about your current experience of life. Allowing consciousness to fill your mind from within the moment and update your perceptions and beliefs. Emptying out your illusions and replacing them with facts, truths and what is real.

Negative – Oblivious, Unaware.

Blank. Dumb. Vacant. Absent. Missing. Thoughtless. Disengaged. Unable to connect with reality. Caught in a cycle of automatic behaviour that you did not consciously initiate nor desire. Mindless behaviour that does not have a mind attached. Automatic behaviour that has no known origin. Aware of your destructive behaviour but unable to anything about it. Out of touch with reality. Behaviour that reflects beliefs and not the reality belonging to your 5 senses or the present moment. Unable to connect with reality.

Cause of Issue – Negation ( Nullification ) The Botanical Archetype Hectia is for issues of Registration. They are for issues of Negation ( no awareness ) and the denying of reality.

Lesson of this Plant Group

We look to the mind for answers to a problem that the mind has created. Rather we should look to the 5 senses to tell the story about life, as it now is.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Like the plant group Puya, the plant species from genus Hechtia are ‘well grounded’ plants that have strong root systems. Of all the Bromeliads, they possess the sharpest, razor spines and will draw blood easily. These are ornate but nasty plants to the extent that even cactus enthusiasts refuse to grow them! This particular species blushes blood / brown red under extreme conditions which indicates the presence of ‘intense’ emotion. The thorns provide a protective barrier that provides great safety while taking these drops, but on the flip-side, indicate that this is ‘an impenetrable issue’ that defies logic or probing of any kind. In fact, probing by the mind and mental activity is the very thing getting in the way of closure. The answer must be found through the 5 senses – meaning, a simpler perception is needed.

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