2024 | 15ml Stock for ‘Collective (Social) Consciousness’

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15ml Stock, Combination Remedy.

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A Custom-Blend, Designed for 2024…

2024 is a blend of flower remedies specially formulated for the issues, challenges & opportunities of 2024.

Designed to be a companion for your self development, the 2024 blend will help you deal with the ‘malaise’ many people feel originating from the collective ( social ) consciousness. If you feel ‘ungrounded, upset or anxious… for no known reason, then this is the remedy for you. Great for use during civil unrest, natural disasters or disturbing world events.

2024 15ml blend is a ‘rescue blend’ designed for the current year. It helps you “navigate the (social) storms of life & filter out the noise”.

2024 blend helps you to clarify your mind & your personal life in times of trouble. Helps you to be in tune (aware) with the world around you, without being flooded by waves of strong emotion.


  1. Angels Trumpet ( Flower of the Year 2024 ) + Forewarned, Precautionary. – Surprised, Astonished.
  2. Acceptance – Denial, Avoidance.
  3. Ladder Bromeliad – “I am Successful”, Dissatisfied, Failure.
  4. Queen of the Heavens 2 New Release.
  5. Red Star – Guilt, Regret.
  6. Sacred Heart 4, Rose ( Flower of the Year 2023 ) – Reckoning, Chastised.
  7. Silver Thorn – Forceful, Pushy.


  • 2024 closely matches the ‘essence of the times’. If you read the flowers in order, it paints a picture and tells a story, in a circle or cycle.
  • Like any recipe of flower remedies, 2024 can be taken anytime, not just in 2024. You can start phasing it in before the new year to acclimatise to the changes in social mindset ( collective vibration ).
  • Drink adequate water while taking a course of drops. Meditation and other purification techniques are also suggested for maximum effect.

Spiritual Forecast ( Brief Version )

Looking back to last year, Rose Sacred Heart was a new release flower remedy for 2023. It signalled ‘a time of reckoning’ was upon us. A time where ‘the bill has to be paid’.

Following on from this theme comes the flower of the year for 2024, another new release remedy, aptly named Angels Trumpet 2. As the name suggests, a warning siren has started sounding and a ‘bell is tolling’ in the collective consciousness. The purpose of this warning bell is to bring attention to the important things in life… and to shrug off all lesser distractions.

Angels Trumpet 2 announces a deep, Divine message. An inescapable truth, that all of humanity can either heed and pay attention to… or ignore and live with the consequences. Those that pay attention to this message & continue to purify themselves and their lives of illusions, attachments to the temporary world and respond to this inner calling will find they are well positioned for the ‘correction’ or spiritual reset that is to come in the next few years.

Those that ignore or rebel against the obvious warning sign that humanity is going down the wrong path will pay a price, at a time that is inconvenient. More on this later.

 No medical claims made.

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