Karma ( Consequence )

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Karma ( *was Cause )

Aechmea triticina

Learning the law of cause and effect. Understanding that there are consequences for every action, including inaction. Transcending the notion that ‘karma’ is a punishment system and realizing that it is simply an explanation for the mechanics of the universe.


+ Cause and effect. Action and reaction. Action and consequence that is in alignment with it. Aware that what you do has an effect on your life. Setting in motion only those things which lead to a desirable end. Acting true to your course. Understanding the basic principle of a mechanical, 3D universe and using it to your advantage.

Negative – Repercussion, Consequence. 

– Ill cause and ill effect. Ill fated because of a bad beginning. Ignorant that your actions create consequences that you will have to live with. On a crash course with disaster. Sowing the wrong seed for a desired outcome. Trying to change your life while still employing undesirable actions.

Cause of Issue – Suppression ( of Emotion )

The Botanical Archetype Aechmea relieves issues caused by the suppression emotion & your true self.

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