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Heart of Flame

Bromelia balansae

The Heart of Flame is a 2m wide, pinwheel of razor sharp leaves. Plants become an intense red color at flowering and the flower spike is large spike, with pink flowers. This is a plant is brutal and not to be mishandled as a plant, nor as a remedy. The flower remedy brings out gentle and attentive care through a gradual approach to learning life lessons. This can be a radical shift for some people.

Warning: This remedy has a ‘cathartic / disarming’ action.


Spiritual Life ( of the Higher Self )

  • Learning the art of ‘invisible change’ when working on yourself or as a health practitioner. Aiming for slow, gradual & seamless shifts in consciousness to ensure comfortable changes, smooth transitions and steady growth.
  • Phasing in better behaviours while you phase out negative lifestyle choices. Avoiding ( the pressure of ) radical, sudden or sharp changes to your lifestyle. Even in the name of improvement.
  • Disarming aggressive postures to the problems in your life. Careful not to provoke or trigger a response, no matter how beneficial you think it might be. I.e. Subtle wounding, ‘a thousand cuts to the soul’, etc.


Positive – Careful, Gentle.

  • Careful. Delicate approach to subtle issues.
  • Fine-tuning your life rather than seeking major overhauls.
  • Aiming for seamless changes in life that are almost invisible. Phasing in the new as you begin to phase out the old.
  • Gradual, smooth & subtle shifts in consciousness that are hardly noticeable. Seamlessly joining your old life to your new life. Seamless transitions that are invisible, smooth and comfortable.
  • Allowing life to make the changes that need to be made, when they need to be made and guide where you need to grow. Allowing life to change you gradually, slowly and in a way that suits your soul.


Negative – Mishandle, Break.

  • Brutal, rough handling or harsh treatment.
  • Inflaming the situation through a lack of proper care & attention.
  • Sharp, sudden changes in life that cause damage. Radical or quick changes that cause more harm than good.
  • Heavy handed approaches to the delicate work of healing and inner change.
  • Harsh treatment of the soul based upon the idea that your soul is damaged, flawed, broken or wounded and in need of fixing, when it is not.


Practitioner Notes ( Technical Details )

Clinical Flower Therapy is the study to plants so that you apply flower remedies the way nature intended. With skill & precision.

Here is a detailed guide to the Heart of Flame. Combining the ‘doctrine of signatures’ with the significance of its botanical classification, we can decode the plant & build a ‘3d, psychological model’ of the stress pattern that it corrects.

  • Plant Family ( Theme ) – Each plant family ( rose, cactus, bromeliad ) has its own philosophy. Plants belonging to the Pineapple or Bromeliad family defuse ‘stress about life’. – Stressful lifestyles ( based on the ego, temporary world ) that conflict with the natural, life-process of the soul. ( immortal spirit, spiritual world ). All remedies made from bromeliads cater to this core theme.
  • Sub-Family 3 ( of 3 Locations: Physical Body, World ) – The 3rd sub-family of bromeliads are collectively known as ‘ancestral bromeliads’. These ancient plants evolved millennia ago, stabilized & have ‘stopped evolving’ because they are perfectly ‘at home’ in their environment. They uproot long-term patterns of consciousness or ‘karma’.
  • Genus ( Stress Pattern ) – In botany, Bromelia are a sub-group of the ancestral bromeliads and are collectively known as ‘the Care flowers’. The stress pattern they defuse is provocation & aggression. Provocation is caused by trying to trigger a reaction in order to produce a desired outcome. This can cause subtle wounds.
  • Species ( Bromelia balansae ) – The Heart of Flame has all of the above properties. This species of Bromelia specifically deals with the issue of ‘rough treatment & mishandling of the soul’, caused by primitive thinking.
  • Key Signatures / Warnings – Bromelia’s are one of the most savage bromeliads & require safe handling as a flower remedy. Leaves are razor-sharp and prevent easy access to the middle of the plant. This defensive signature, combined with the intense red coloring are a warning of a likely healing crisis due to the disarming nature of the remedy. These warnings also apply to the practitioner to be extremely mindful of their approach to the soul and can be a signal for ‘no therapy’.

Summary – Heart of Flame addresses the rough handling & harsh treatment of your perfect soul. This applies to ‘healing’ procedures that view the soul as fundamentally broken, flawed & in need of fixing. Motivated by a faulty self image & an ego that cannot perceive the totality of the soul, life process or your true potential.

This is a professional technique known as ‘botanical diagnosis’. It provides a deep understanding of the issue and raises awareness, before drops are even applied.

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Pro Tips

Be careful with your own inner work. It’s a delicate matter. The aims is to grow via a gradual, smooth & almost invisible process. This attitude of patience reduces the chance of inflicting subtle wounds or provoking a healing crisis.


Homework ( “30 Day Challenge” )

  • Take the 30 day challenge & meditate on the theme of “decisiveness” for the month. With or without taking this remedy; it’s optional.
  • If you have the Heart of Flame, take the remedy for 5-7 days and continue your daily meditation. Once the course of drops is complete, allow your mind/body system to rest ( days 8-30 ) & settle into the new pattern.
  • The Heart of Flame is about being careful, so continue to meditate daily ( for the rest of the month ) to cultivate this quality of the soul in your life. Begin a new meditation, next month.


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