Chilean Blood Grass | 15ml Remedy

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Chilean Blood Grass

Fascicularia bicolor

Brings awareness to active consciousness, even buried and long forgotten. Helps to raise awareness as to deep subconscious states. Allows you to clear old mental programs that are still running.

+ Raises awareness of old vows, broken promises and desires that you are subconsciously still seeking to fulfil. Assesses subconscious programs and ‘arrests’ them from continuing without authorization. Paying respect to the things you did not get to complete and were cut off from finishing in the past. Helps to ease emotional wounds stemming from incomplete actions in your past.

Negative – Sacred Contract, Obligation. 
– Disturbed by broken promises, unfulfilled desires and other unfinished business. Compelled to fulfil old vows, desires and sacred contracts even though they do not match your present desire or lifestyle. Compulsion to play out old mental programs without consciously knowing why. Repeat issues that appear in your life for no known reason. Bleeding-of-the-soul. Unable to tend to your wounds because that are buried in the subconscious. Drawn to play out old habits and karmic patterns even though they conflict with your current desires. Mental patterns that override your present choices. Unable to finish what you have started because the circumstances have changed. Seeking to recreate the same circumstances so you can continue with your subconscious vows.

Cause of Issue – Under Research.
The Botanical Archetype Fascicularia is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘vows and broken promises’ from your past.


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