Dwarf Pink Pineapple ~ Stage 3 Stress

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Dwarf Pink Pineapple

Ananus lucidus – Issues of Seriousness & Importance. ( Stress )


  1. Illness is a sign of too much pressure in the mind/body system.
  2. Relaxation, rest and adopting a casual approach to life are good for your health. I.e. Don’t sweat the small stuff.
  3. Illness is a teacher. If you follow the lessons, agree to the restrictions and move in the direction of illness you will soon see the drivers of the illness itself.

Positive – Rejuvenation, Revival.

  • Relaxing. Not taking life so seriously.
  • Stress reduction.
  • Heeding natures warnings about pressure, seriousness and strict rules for life.
  • Letting go of things that pressure you too much and affect your state of health.
  • Bowing to pressure or illness. Moving in the direction that life forces you to move. Quitting the unhealthy mindset that drove you to this position.

Negative – Deterioration, Decline.

  • Stage 3 Stress.
  • Reaching boiling point.
  • Onset of illness, dis-ease and decline. Breakdown of mind/body system if you continue to ignore the warnings signs of pressure.
  • Forced rest. Forced to live at the pace of pace in order to restore health, balance and equilibrium.
  • Continuing unhealthy mindsets that drove you to illness.

Practitioner Notes

  • The Dwarf Pink Pineapple is the 3rd ( last ) of the Pineapple flower remedies. The 3 act like a barometer and depict the 3 stages of stress. The Pineapple is for stage 1 or ‘everyday stress’ that soon disappears, The Pygmy Pineapple is for stage 2 or ‘escalating tension’ where stress levels elevate and the Dwarf Pink Pineapple is for stage 3 or ‘onset of dis-ease’ whereby stress levels have reached boiling point and the mind/body system is beginning to show signs of illness.
  • The Dwarf Pink Pineapple is used when signs of illness, emotional collapse or mental breakdown occur. The flower helps to unwind layers of stress and begin to defuse built up tension.
  • The overall lesson of the Pineapples is to ‘relax about life’. In the case of the Dwarf Pink Pineapple, the aspect of life that is focused upon is illness. A thing that motivates people to worry more, stress and entertain fear. At a time one needs to rest and heal. The things that one worries about during illness are clues that have actually played a role in causing the illness. By facing these fears, inhuman beliefs and other distorted fictions, one can come into balance by letting go of the sick thinking ( energy ) that has been driven into your biology. Energy that is now surfacing as symptoms and clues of what you need to change in your approach to life.

Cause of the Problem – Sustained Tension ( Stress, Seriousness & Importance. )

  • The Ananus relieve issues caused by sustained tension & stress – which mirrors in the mind/body system.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information.

Doctrine of Signatures

  • As with any plant that shows red coloring, the red leaves of the Dwarf Pink Pineapple flash a warning signal to professional flower therapists.
  • Red is a depiction of warning, so caution and evasive action should be taken to deal with the situation.
  • Given that the leaves of the Dwarf Pink Pineapple are always red ( as opposed to a red flower ), the warning signal is something that the person is living with, habituated to and is therefore, ignoring. So the indication of this Pineapple, as opposed to the other two, tells you that there is an ignored health issues present and active. Leaving the question as to why it has not been dealt with.

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