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15ml Stock Remedy.



Intuition ( *was Guidance )

Aechmea kleinii

Learning that intuition is enhanced when you take action. Knowing-as-you-go. Tapping into your deeper knowledge of life & the massive amount of information that lay behind the scenes.

Positive – Instinctual, Inner-Knowledge.

+ Intuitive. Acting on instinct. Following your intuition. Intuition that means ‘knowing as you go’. Resonating with things before you are fully aware why they suit you. Understanding that intuition / instinct is one of the many brain functions at your disposal. Not trying to think with your intuition or blocking your capacity for common sense. Updated with fresh information after each step you take towards your goal. Walking your path and using your feelings as a guide whether you are on course or not.

Negative – Clueless, Wondering. 

– Ignoring your instincts. Ignoring your instinct to do something. Seeking safe answers from the sidelines. Throwing endless amounts of divination cards out of fear, worry and anxiety. Fearful of not knowing what the future holds. Perpetually seeing other people for higher guidance. Unable to see the path forward because you are standing still and not taking affirmative action. Using intuition in replace of knowledge and knowing your subject. Unhealthy and delusional attitudes to intuition. Believing that intuition is ‘the highest form of intelligence’ when it is just one you can draw upon. Out of touch with reality because you no think clearly, logically or plan things.

Cause of Issue – Suppression ( of Emotion )

The Botanical Archetype Aechmea relieves issues caused by the suppression emotion & your true self.

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