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15ml Stock Remedy.

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Quesnelia indecora


  1. Human. Living a human life and having complete faith in the human design.
  2. Spiritual. Living a human life and having complete faith that the life process is also a spiritual process.
  3. Overcoming “existential anxiety” and other drivers of the need to “improve” on your humanity. Working within the guidelines of humanity and the parameters of your unique circumstance to reach great heights of humanity. I.e. Faith that flaws, illnesses, etc are part of the path, not enemies of it. Discarding these “existential excuses” in an effort to fully embody higher human potentials.

Positive – Dedicated, Devoted.

  • Deep faith.
  • Trust in yourself. Trust that the human design is perfect and the spiritual path is “fool proof”.
  • Trust in the truth. Having faith that the truth ultimately reveals itself & as a result, your illusions will naturally fade away.
  • Trust in the life process. Having faith that the life process is also the process of your spiritual development.
  • Devoted to expressing the higher qualities that are encoded in the human design. I.e. Excellence, honor, compassion, leadership, etc.

Negative – Self Doubt, Dubious.

  • Existential doubt.
  • Deep doubts about who you are, your human design and the natural life process.
  • Fooled by the egos limited, “key-hole” view of the world. Seduced into thinking your self image is the real you ( and not just a viewpoint ).
  • Seduced by a faulty self image ( false self ) into fixing yourself. Stepping onto the never-ending treadmill of “self help” and exiling yourself from the idea that your soul is perfect, by design.
  • Fear of life. Fighting against the life process because you are fighting against yourself.

Cause of Issue – Division, Separation & Fragmentation ( from Nature ).

The Botanical Archetype Quesnelia relieves issues caused by *mental division, *separating yourself from the whole which fragments your reality and leads to a sense of alienation and breeds conflict & infighting. ( Aka ‘The ‘Adam & Eve’ complex. )

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