Concentration ( Mental Focus )

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Tillandsia disticha

Harnessing your mind. Learning to focus your mind on favourable outcomes so that life energy flows in that direction. Allowing irrelevant thoughts to fall away without extra attention or focus. 


Single minded. Focused. Resolute. Undistracted. Able to concentrate and focus your mind. Focusing your mind upon a desired goal or outcome. Harnessing your mental faculties. Dedicating your mind to the task at hand. Focusing your life energy toward the things you wish to experience. Dealing with distractions without becoming emotional or upset by them. Focused upon what your higher self wishes to express.

Negative – Distracted, Interrupted. 

Diverted Attention. Unable to think straight or concentrate. Focused on the wrong thing. Losing sight of your aim. Concentrating on problems that are in your way. Distracted by side roads in life.

Cause of Issue – Fixation / Habituation.

The Botanical Archetype Tillandsia relieves issues caused by fixation ( excessive focus ), obsession & repetitive habit.

Lesson of this Plant Group

What the mind is focussed upon, is the direction that your life energy will go. Your soul is already focussed on higher realities, so all that you need to do is take the path you are already on.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Like all of the air plants, this Tillandsia is quite at home in a dry, airy position and thrives on neglect. Which is a signature of self reliance in the positive and the tendency to neglect in the other. The individual plants looks like a comet, and the stiff leaves indicate taking a straight forward approach. However, the leaves are quite brittle and can easily break if they don’t bend – which is an indicator or pig headedness or wilfulness. Despite it’s appearance, this is a durable plant that is a survivor, thus provinding a reminder about our own nature.

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