Dangling Air Plant ( Self Focus )

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The Dangling Air Plant

Tillandsia queroensis

Learning that ‘selfless’ means ‘no define-able self’ to attach a definition or description to. Letting go of the limited version of yourself that you have created – your list of ‘I am’s’. Acts of selflessness that take on the qualities of innate divinity.


Life centered. World focused. Selfless. Ego-free. Free of the limitations of the ego / “I” persona. Selfless acts that take on the qualities of divinity and the free spirit. Self awareness that includes an awareness of the world around you. Tolerance toward others. Understanding that many of your problems are magnified by too much self focus.

Negative – Ego-centric, Arrogant. 

Self centered. Self focused. Self absorbed. Ego-centric view of the world. ‘Me’ and ‘you’ and ‘world’ mentality that cannot entertain all at the same time. Clinging to the ego and it’s limited statements about your entire being. Problems associated with attaching a limited definition ( I am ) to an infinite, undefinable self. Overly focused upon “I”, “me” or yourself. Suffering from excessive self focus and too much inner work. Amplifying the ego and it’s flawed perspectives on life. Magnifying your drama because you have no realistic measure or comparison to go by – there is just you and your problems. Overly focused upon yourself that it causes you to detach from the world around you and lose your sense of reality. Ignorant of others because your focus is on you. Egotistic. Arrogant. Superior. Aloof. Self involved.

Cause of Issue – Fixation / Habituation.

The Botanical Archetype Tillandsia relieves issues caused by fixation ( excessive focus ), obsession & repetitive habit.

Lesson of this Plant Group

What the mind focusses upon, is the direction that your life energy will go. Your soul is already focussed on higher realities, so all that you need to do is take the path you are on to get there.

The Doctrine of Signatures

Like all of the air plants, this Tillandsia is quite at home in a dry, airy position and thrives on neglect. Which is a signature of self reliance in the positive and the tendency to neglect oneself in the other. As its name suggests, The Dangling Air Plant cascades in long lengths up to 6 or more feet long and forms clusters of plants. The criss-crossing nature of the plant suggests a ‘tangled, confused’ mass ( of thoughts ) that have no clear origin. This suggests the confusion caused by excessive self focus and getting lost in thought during prolonged periods of inner inspection. On the flip-side, this twisted mass does indeed have no perceivable origin as the plants continue to grow and grow and grow in long lengths that have no real beginning or end – they just keep going and are immeasurable. Just like the human spirit.

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