Higher Self ~ “I Can Overcome”

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15ml Stock Remedy.



Higher Self

Botanical Name – Billbergia fosteriana


Understand that your true self is rooted in the eternal. And no Earthly matter is bigger than you.

+ Transcend. Ascend. Rise above it all. Soar. Fly. Aware of the transcendent self that is above and beyond the experience. Removing the identification with specific experiences which tie you down.

Negative – Overcome, Defeated.
– Descend. Lower. Bogged down in the mundane. Pinned to your situation. Identifying with your experience. Mesmerized by a chain of emotional drama. Aligned with these as your center.

Cause of Issue – Negative Affirmation.
The Botanical Archetype Billbergia relieves issues caused by negative affirmations & limiting statements about self – “I have fallen”, “I am bogged down by life”.

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