Zebra Bromeliad ( Curiosity )

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15ml Stock Remedy.



Zebra Bromeliad

Aechmea zebrina

Every moment of life is a celebration of the divine act of creation. Learning to commemorate special events, days or moments in order to mark them in consciousness. Building a life of things to celebrate rather than things to commiserate.

+ Celebrating the miracle that is life. Uplifted beyond your emotional issues because you are glad to be alive. Having a party or social gathering for no reason.

Negative – Wretched, Miserable. 
– Misery. Wallowing in misery. Stepping down into lower states of inner poverty. Dragging others into your despair. Celebrating on when you are forced to.

Cause of Issue – Suppression ( of Emotion )
The Botanical Archetype Aechmea relieves issues caused by the suppression emotion & your true self.

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