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Aechmea smithiorum

Life is life-giving, by nature, and has provided you with a planet to live your life on. The law of providence provides you with the exact experiences you need to learn, grow and wake up to your true, spiritual nature. Abundance is a natural law whereas lack or poverty are unnatural states that indicate a tampering with natural law.


Abundance is a quality of the natural flow of life. Fear, control issues, etc are what destroy it.

  1. Prosperous.
  2. Having the resources you need, when you need them.
  3. Having a rich experience of life.
  4. Abundant. Rich with experiences and abundant with opportunities to learn, grow or do whatever is on your mind.
  5. Being a source of abundance in the lives of others. Sharing the riches of your talent and time.

Negative – Lack, Poverty Consciousness. 

  1. Poor.
  2. Deprived of resources that are in natural abundance. Stopping your needs from being met.
  3. Wanting ‘more’ abundance in a universe that is already providing you with everything you need including a planet to walk around on.
  4. Focused on the three L’s – lack, less and loss. Motivated by these to ‘have more’ and affirm a position of lack.
  5. Spiritual poverty.

Cause of Issue – Suppression ( of Emotion )

The Botanical Archetype Aechmea relieves issues caused by the suppression emotion & your true self.


To begin, it must be said that flower remedies don’t ‘add’ or give you anything new. They strip away the illusions that stop natural qualities from manifesting in your life.

The truth is, you already having everything you need. Whether you are a religious creationist or subscribe to an evolutionary, scientific view of how the world came into being, the fact is you have been delivered a planet that supports life ( a miracle ) and the life you choose to live. So the question remains, how much more ( abundance ) do you need? The flower of Abundance raises the question, “why do you stop yourself from having what you need?” and reverses the usual logic of ‘getting’ what you need through effort. Like many of the other Skyflowers, if you are applying a lot of time, energy & effort… and still not getting what you want, then you have to stop and examine the core logic that drives you.

The truth is that life is abundant. So why are you stopping it?

SeeGenus Aechmea for more information. The subject of “suppressed emotion, suppressed self & trying to stop life” will be taken up in the book, “Clinical Flower Therapy”.

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