Ladder Bromeliad ~ “I Am Successful”

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Ladder Bromeliad

Billbergia amoena var. stolonifera

Climbing the right mountain in life. Learning this is a difference between success vs satisfaction. Understanding that success is a mental measure which may be unrealistic.


+ Achievement. Achievable goals. Worthwhile pursuits. Savoring your experiences and your list of achievements. Building on past success and using the energy of them to climb higher. Going after goals without selling yourself off to them. Focused on quality of life.

Negative – Dissatisfied, Failure. 

– Failure. Climbing the ladder of success but never reaching the top. Stuck on a treadmill. Getting nowhere in terms of achieving your goals. Balancing your emotional state on perceived success or failure. Putting off happiness and celebration due to incomplete tasks.

Cause of Issue – Negative Affirmation.

The Botanical Archetype Billbergia relieves issues caused by negative affirmations & limiting statements about self – “I am a failure”, “I am far from my goal”, etc.


This flower deals with the subject of success. The thing to be aware of is that success in life is ‘self measured’ and therefore, may be a series of goals that are unrealistic, you can never actually achieve or live with for the long term. The flower guides us towards ‘lasting satisfaction’ rather than fleeting or momentary successes.

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