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Neoregelia ‘Midnight’ 

Looking for positive outcomes, no matter how hard or dark the situation. Adjusting your behaviour if life is hard, difficult or unpleasant. Understanding that your attitude is the determining factor in every situation.

Positive – Optimistic, Positive.

+ Cheerful. Possessing a good attitude to life. Looking for positive outcomes and solutions that are beneficial. Learning to turn bad situations into something gainful. Facing up to the bad or hard situations in life without drawing on affirmations or other mental trickery to boost or buffer your experience. Dealing with problems until they are no longer problems.

Negative – Negative, Pessimistic.

– Dark. Gloomy. Heavy. Prone to negative thinking when problems occur, which only worsens the situation. Prone to ‘false positivity’ and using ‘positive thinking’ or affirmations to deny the reality of the situation. Fooling yourself about the problems you face because you prize a positive state of mind. Impractical approaches to bad situations that need you to face the reality of them first so you can find your way to a positive solution. Negative outlook on life. Harbouring negative views that colour your view of the whole world.

Cause of Issue – Delusion ( Misperception of Reality ).

The Botanical Archetype Neoregelia relieves issues caused by beliefs, perceptions & perspectives that have no basis in reality.

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