Earth Star ( Blame )

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Earth Star ( Blame )

Cryptanthus marginatus

‘Owning your stuff’ and looking at your role in events, even if it looks like someone else is to blame. Owning your part in events so you can make changes. Looking for your ‘hidden agenda / hidden consciousness’ when problems occur in your life.

Positive – Own, Self Reflection.

+ Own up. Owning your stuff. Looking at your role in events. Looking at your agenda when problems arise or other people adversely impact on your life. Looking at your role in unhealthy relationships and working on your part in the drama. Looking at the reason why other people have influence over your life & how you grant them that ability.

Negative – Blame, Project.

– Blame shifting. Transference. Projecting your stuff. Deflecting attention away from yourself and the role you play in events. Blaming others for 100% of the problems you face. Projecting your mental values and transference of your own personal qualities onto others. Surrogation and subtle links with other people. Lost in a world of projections. Playing out internal drama. Using a person, place or thing to surrogate for an internal drama or conflict.

Cause of Issue – Projection ( of Consciousness ).

The Botanical Archetype Cryptanthus relieves issues caused by a projection of your own consciousness.


The Earth Star is indicated when someone needs to ‘own their stuff’ and look at their own role in events, even if it looks like someone else is to blame. It tests up when there is a ‘hidden agenda’ that needs sorting out. This flower group is about personal responsibility, so the focus is on the person it tested up for – not other people in their life.

The Earth Star is indicated when we are ‘shifting the blame’ and need to take ownership of our reality so we can make the changes we want to make. When problems happen or we are hurt, the reflex is to 100% blame someone else for causing the problem. Whereas, the Earth Star asks you to set aside blame for a moment and look squarely at your own role in events.

It’s time to ask yourself some fundamental questions and to shift the focus back onto yourself. Why did this really happen? What role did I play in these events?

When we shift the blame to others, we are taking our hands off the steering wheel of our lives. But when we take ownership of the role we played in events, we soon see how our own previous actions contributed to the problems we face.

The Earth Star is a reminder. A sobering wake up call to what you are doing and the subtle agenda that is sabotaging your life. The Earth Stars ( as a group ) are about exposing ‘hidden agendas’ and for revealing the truth about what is really going on.

On the surface, a person may complain about a problem person in their lives but underneath it all, it may suit them to be abused & play the victim & avoid taking responsibility for their lives.

In short, the reflex to blame ( project responsibility ) is deeply ingrained. Whereas the reflex to take ownership is a hard, painful but fruitful path to follow.

Projection & co-projection ( two people playing out their inner issues ) is a big topic. The projection of consciousness is well worth contemplating and this plant group, genus Cryptanthus is about that very topic. To learn more about projection ( of consciousness ) and blame, visit this page.

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