Belief ( Fact Checking )

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Neoregelia ‘Fairy Tale’

Positive – Confirm, Check.

+ Fact check. Verify as true. Validate. Inspect. Scrutinise. Examining your beliefs to see if they match with fundamental truth. Drawing upon your innate ability ability to recognise the truth, beauty or wisdom when you see it. Reasoning things through. Contemplating new information before applying it in your life.

Negative – Credulous, Gullible. 

– Easily taken in. Acting on information without examining it’s validity or actual basis. Changing your behaviour according to information that has not been verified as fact. Believing in any old thing and thereby creating a cloud of confusing rules to live by. Living on fairy tales you tell yourself. Validating external sources of truth and never your own innate ability.

Cause of Issue – Delusion ( Misperception of Reality ).

The Botanical Archetype Neoregelia relieves issues caused by beliefs, perceptions & perspectives that have no basis in reality.

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