It’s Our 26th Birthday

In August 2023, the Skyflowers Project celebrated its 26th anniversary. This year the occasion was marked by crashing our website lol. It was a mess that took me about 3 weeks to fix and in the end the solution proved to be an easy one. Hindsight is a beautiful thing.

While the website was down we had a spike in sales volume despite the chaos. Thank you to all our patient customers. The website is back online and we have a new payment processor – Square – for credit card payments.

While a website crash is annoying the truth is at some stage I was going to overhaul the website and revamp the graphical-style so that it is in-line with new features rolling out in 2024. Working on the website lead me to rethink the products and services that I have been offering. And in fact, I came up with the idea of launching a new one.

A ‘sister-brand’ that I will share in another post. I’ll also share the 2024 spiritual forecast and project road map in other posts too as both are quite chunky and I don’t want to spoil anything. So I’ll keep this post trim and focused on the fact that the Skyflowers Project is now moving into it’s 27th year. Which is something hard to imagine because my original intention was to make myself a custom-set of remedies for my own clinical work, not grow a brand of flower remedies.

Thank you to the early adopters who have been with me since day one, you know who you are. Thanks to the customers who loyally support the project and a special thanks to the teachers and instructors who have taken up the brand and teach it in workshops. Sales of product to these schools has been where most of the growth is and despite taking a quarter of a century, the Skyflowers are on the verge of exponential growth because of this.

Special thank-you to our early adopters and instructors who support the brand.

Onward and upward. And I look forward to presenting the roadmap for 2024 in the next few months and what I will be rolling out.

Thanks for your time.

Brendan Rohan | founder of Clinical Flower Therapy & the Skyflowers Project.

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