Behold! Announcing the arrival of the flower of the year for 2024 – Angels Trumpet 2!

Angels Trumpet 2 is a brand new, 15ml stock remedy that has ‘arrived right in time for 2024’. As the name suggests, Angels Trumpet 2 is a ‘biblical’ flower that brings a message for us all.

A trumpet is sounding in the heavens, heralding the arrival of the higher self & an announcement from the heavens.


The 2nd flower in a series of three remedies, Angels Trumpet 2 “announces a fresh set of instructions for (wo)mankind” and “repeats a gentle warning for us all, should we ignore the call”. For a second time, the human race is being called to return to the path of truth, honor and goodness. To return to reality and discard illusions. To purify ourselves and reject evil. Lest there be consequences for choosing a different path. Consequences we inflict upon ourselves by choosing to reject our calling.

The angels of heaven are sounding a trumpet for the second time. The first time the trumpet of heaven sounded was during the pandemic, when the attention of the whole world was called to pay attention to a “widespread illness in society”.

The second trumpet has begun to sound and in 2024 it will bring the worlds attention once again to the same, widespread illness affecting the spiritual health of our society. This time a new set of symptoms will emerge indicating the malaise. Civil unrest, disobedience and, more personally, a disruption of basic services & interruptions to your normal routine.

Full details will be published later this year in the 2024 forecast. For now, quieten your mind and listen. Can you hear the bell tolling?

Angels Trumpet 2 is now available in the shopping cart as a 15ml remedy, as an ingredient in the 2024 15ml rescue-blend or if you want both, as part of the 2024 rescue toolkit.

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