At the end of each year, I write an article called “Report for 2023. Roadmap for 2024.” The article usually comes in two parts. The first part reviews the achievements from the current year and the second part talks about my plans for the next year based on those milestones.

This year I have split them into two seperate posts because it turned out to be quite a book. There’s a lot to talk about. For now I’ll post the roadmap and my plans for 2024. And I will post the review of 2023 in another article. Which will be the first in a series of articles posted throughout 2024 on the design of the project.

So what is planned for 2024?

  • Clinical Flower Therapy: 1st Edition
  • Classroom
  • New Products for 2024

Let’s talk about Clinical Flower Therapy first because it is the major release for 2024. The other new releases are linked to it.

Clinical Flower Therapy: 1st Edition

Rather than simply tell you about my progress on Clinical Flower Therapy, I think it’s better to show you.

The image below is a screenshot taken of my writing app where I keep my work on Clinical Flower Therapy. It has a special function so you can see the work you’ve done. For reference, each dot is a note, topic, product or article… and each link is a cross-reference or chapter.

This isn’t all of my written work. It’s most of it. I still need to import flower notes from 10 years of classes and published manuals.

There is still some filing to do but the point is this…

Clinical Flower Therapy is a text-book. It’s a complete rewrite of the practice of flower therapy.

It’s not just a book, product, online course or even a company. Clinical Flower Therapy is a complete system that caters to all levels of interest – from basic training for complete beginners, tips for students, protocols for practitioners, lesson plans for educators and all the way up to guidelines for proper governance by natural health associations.

Clinical Flower Therapy is a complete rewrite of the practice of flower therapy, “from the ground up”. It includes more than 25 years of work and after 8 years of working on the material for a textbook, it seems that the time has come to write it and release it to the world.

But rather than writing the book and telling everyone when it’s done, I’m doing something a little different in 2024.

The Writing Process ( and You )

  • Work begins on Clinical Flower Therapy next week, in the first week of December 2023. I will begin compiling the book ( from thousands of notes ) and write the prologue: “History”.
  • As I have the framework for the book already and because it has approx. 12 chapters, I plan to complete one chapter each month throughout 2024 and publish it in 12 months. This is a good amount of time to write, edit & revise each chapter.
  • Material will be presented during a new weekly class so you if you keen and wish to help with it, you can follow the writing of the book and comment on it as it is written. More details below in “Classroom”.
  • Feedback on the book will be called for from students, educators and peers throughout 2024 as the book develops. I need to road-test the material as I am a long way past thinking of what to write.
  • The ( tentative ) publishing date for Clinical Flower Therapy: 1st Edition is December 1st, 2024. Release may be pushed back a little into 2025 depending on progress, but I aim to have it completed by end of 2024.

As I have written the bulk of the material for the book and need only to compile it, flesh it out and edit it, I want to get some feedback on the material before committing it to print. That way I can fill in any information gaps there may be before the publication. There’s a lot of new material that even professionals may not have seen before, so gathering feedback will take some time to gather and digest.

Feedback will be mainly gathered during livestreams in the Classroom, see below. But there will be other ways to submit ideas. More on this in another post.

This might seem like an unusual way of publishing a book and many ( but not all ) of the secrets will be revealed, thus ruining the excitement for some readers. But as this is a text-book for an industry and is designed to be studied for years to come, gathering peer review is essential.

The book needs to be solid.

As an aside, the 1st edition will be known as “Clinical Flower Therapy: Foundation Edition” and will likely be printed in A4 spiral bound format instead of paperback. Given this is a text-book, there will be annual revisions to include new research material, feedback from students, requests from schools on the design of workbook elements, etc before committing to the printing of a paperback format.

The aim is to write authoritative text-book that is studied in natural medicine schools around the world, as an industry standard.

More details will be released on the writing of Clinical Flower Therapy and how you can get involved throughout 2024. You won’t miss out as every seasonal campaign is based on it. There will be different ways you can get involved from proof-reading to classroom discussions to private meetings. For now, I’m letting you know of the plan and that you can get involved in the writing process.

Which brings me to Classroom. Another new release that is coming in January 2024.


Okay, now that’ve covered the book, let’s talk about Classroom. In 2024, a range of weekly classes, workshops, special events, lectures at schools and private coaching sessions is being rolled out. All of the interactive and social features are now found in our Classroom.

  • Classroom offers different ways you can not only learn, but can get involved in the Skyflowers Project and the development of Clinical Flower Therapy.
  • Webinar, livestream and Q&A format, so you can study online and attend the Classroom sessions that interest you.
  • Weekly class that ran for 10 years is finally coming back and will be presented in 4 x 10 week terms called “Seasons”. Season 1 begins on January 10th, 2024. Details will be posted shortly regarding tickets, prices and season pass packages.
  • Each season in 2024 will be thematic. Classes and workshops will be linked to the chapters in the Clinical Flower Therapy book that is in development. Students will get a sneak preview of the material and can contribute feedback.
  • Classroom will kick off with a basic set of events but I have plans to evolve this into a major feature over time.

To learn more about Classroom, see the navigation link above or visit your account page. Private meetings and consultations are available now.

New Products for 2024

Now we have covered the two major releases for 2024, let’s talk about the new box sets and some of the timely 15ml remedies that will be released.

Box Sets

Box sets are being revised in 2024 and revamped to integrate with the Clinical Flower Therapy protocol. For the short term, there will be just 3 box sets on offer in 2024.

  • Skyflowers: Pro Set will soon contain 50 of our most popular 15ml remedies, not just 25, and will be in a wooden box not cardboard.
  • Skyflowers: Emotional First is also getting an update and will also contain 50 of the best rescue remedies and will be presented in a wooden box.
  • There will also be a 3rd mystery set that I won’t reveal just yet. This one is closely tied to our private meetings and Classroom program and is for those who are actively involved in our work. More on this later. It’s epic.

The current catalogue of cardboard box sets will be shelved for the time being and may be re-released at a later date. All our efforts are being directed toward the release of Clinical Flower Therapy, so all box sets are being revised and updated to fit in with it.

15ml Remedies

Each year I release some new 15ml flower remedies. And those new remedies are always ‘right in time’ for the social and collective issues of our time. The pandemic saw a wave of releases. Now we see the next series that continues on from those.

There are a quite a number of 15ml remedies to be released in 2024. To be honest I am blown away how closely they match ( and explain ) the crazy headlines you see in the news.

While I won’t give them all away right now, I will tell you about a couple of my favourite new 15ml remedies.

The first is Carnivorous Bromeliad 3. This will join the other two carnivorous plants in the range. As it’s name suggests, this one is for predatory behaviour and is for fraud and hiding things of true value behind fake, artificial and false narratives. This one roots out insidious and diabolical threats. Interestingly, this one strongly resonates with AI or artificial intelligence and I will talk at length about why I am focusing my research on “synthetic intelligence and the human body” in another post. This one is a project in itself.

Another of the ancient grounding flowers for karmic issues, Ancestral Grass Bromeliad 2 will be released soon. The first AGB was for disadvantage, this one expands on that topic and is for being in a precarious situation with have no firm or secure footing. This one is an important grounding flower for people affected by ‘cost of living’ issues and have lost their spiritual roots.

There are other new release remedies I could mention but I won’t spoil them in this post. I’ll wrap it up for now. I just thought I’d let you know what’s in the pipeline for 2024.

Full details for each of these things will be published later as we progress. Classroom tickets and Season Pass details will be posted shortly as we kick off in about 40 days from now.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned on how you can get involved in the development of Clinical Flower Therapy and establishing it as an industry textbook. If you are keen to help out, drop me an email at ( no “m” )

Enjoy the Christmas holiday season and touch base again soon,

Brendan Rohan | founder of Clinical Flower Therapy.

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