Spring has sprung in the Southern hemisphere. To be honest, we started to get warmer weather in August and the trees were waking up early.

Now that we are well and truly into the growing season, I thought I’d post a progress report and what I am working on behind the scenes.

Flower Farm

The other day I posted about a new side-project I have launched – a cut-flower farm. It’s something I should have done years ago and if I had not pursued my calling and gift to develop flower remedies, I would have become a florist.

Now that calling has come to mind, so I will be creating a new range of products and services to add to the catalogue. Essentially, I will be offering cut flowers, floral art and services to the local community. I won’t repeat the whole post here because you can read it for yourself if you’re interested.

No, the Skyflowers project isn’t going anywhere. This new project allows me to devote time to the garden, broadens my customer base to people outside of natural therapies and sells to a local market. In terms of diversification, it makes a lot of sense.

Stay tuned for more updates as the farm expands and follow the flower breeding program.

Box Sets

Okay. Let’s talk about the Skyflowers Project.

In 2024, I am overhauling the range of box sets and will be releasing brand new ones in wooden boxes. What prompted this move was the simple fact that I am running out of the first edition, 5×5 cardboard packaging boxes and need to resupply.

While the current box design is perfect, I have decided to double the content of the boxes and offer sets of 50 remedies. I could offer 25 sets, 50 sets or 100 sets but at this stage of development, I think a set of 50 remedies is the sweet spot.

Later on, once all research is complete and all 15ml remedies have been released, I plan to offer a “master set” with all of the 15ml remedies in it. But that is a year or two away still. So in the meanwhile I will release sets of 50 remedies and phase out the 25 remedy sets… temporarily. And perhaps re-release them when the master set is released so you will have the option of 25, 50 and sets of 100.

For 2024, I will scale back the range to just 3 box sets to choose from.

  • Clinical Flower Therapy – this is flagship set containing the 50 most commonly used remedies. It’s basically the Skyflowers: Pro Set but with 25 more remedies in it. This set has been designed for general practice and because of its scope, is perfect for kinesiology.
  • Emotional First Aid – Our 2nd most popular box set gets an upgrade in 2024. This set is geared differently to the Clinical Flower Therapy set and while this is some overlap between the two sets, it’s designed for crisis care, social workers and trauma care.
  • The 3rd set will be for personal development but I will keep this one under wraps for now. It is part of a larger campaign that involves other products, services and personal coaching.

The new box sets will be available later this year or early in 2024. Pre-order details will be posted soon. If you want the Skyflowers: Pro Set 2023 edition with 25 remedies you better hurry. We have less than 20 in stock and then they are gone.


Recently I purchased a license for a video/livestreaming app to host workshops. It’s an upgrade on the functionality of Zoom and has a great set of features for running workshops online. Workshops are already in the planning stage and dates will be announced soon.

There will be a 2 hour Introduction to the Skyflowers to run through the general properties of the flowers and go over the unique features of the range. There will also be a 2 hour Clinical Flower Therapy for Kinesiologists workshop to introduce kinesiology practitioners to Clinical Flower Therapy and look at ways to integrate the two modalities so you get the best results. This 2nd workshop is a ‘skills update’ & bridging workshop for kinesiologists who wants to study the main, Clinical Flower Therapy workshop ( and book ) that is coming in 2024.

The new video app can handle big audiences but it is also handy for personal training and one-on-one consulting work. If you’re interested, you can now book an appointment on your My Account page or via the navigation at the top of the website.

Stay tuned for a calendar of events for private coaching, small groups and schools.

That’s about it for now.

Spiritual Forecast for 2024

One more thing before I go because I have promised a few people this.

I am still working on the forecast for 2024. It’s a pretty chunky read and is jam-packed with insight. It’ll take me a little while longer to download it from the heavens and format the text. It’s based on the flower of the year for 2024 – Angels Trumpet 2. While the theme is clear, unpacking and describing the ramifications of it are tricky to get right.

It’s epic and it’s biblical.

I actually wrote a lot of the text for the 2023 forecast but did not release it because of what was in it. Now, a year later and plenty of prayer and meditation later, I have more context and will release it this year. I won’t reveal too much about the format as it will spoil some surprises, but what I will say is that this years forecast is “tightly integrated into your personal development program” and ( if its accurate ) “is a light to guide you through 2024”.

The forecast will likely be released as a downloadable pdf and won’t be published directly onto the internet as a blog article. It will be announced in the newsletter and on the blog as soon as it is polished and published.

Project Report

Many aspects of the Skyflowers project are ‘coming to fruition’. Clinical Flower Therapy is about to be born as well as some other related side-projects that tightly integrate with it.

Stay tuned for the 2023 Report and Roadmap for 2024 coming later this year. This will cover everything planned for 2024, including workshop dates, new release remedies and other goodies..

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