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Work behind the scenes at Skyflowers HQ has been going full steam these past few months. As it’s Winter in Australia, it’s a perfect time to get busy doing design work indoors.

I had originally planned to post an update at the start of June, but only now have had the time in-between projects to give you a sneak peek at what’s coming. I haven’t had time to look up from my drawing board because the design ideas have been flowing. I have a brand new manufacturing machine in my hallway waiting to be unboxed, set up and set to work. So once this post is done, that’s what I’ll be doing – making packaging!

But more on this later, down the page.

Roadmap for 2024-’25

Here’s a roadmap of what’s planned for the next 12 months. It’s not complete as I’ve left out the ‘minor’ releases but this mindmap gives you a broad strokes overview of what’s on the drawing board.

Here are the major releases that are coming between now and the middle of 2025. Behold! This is my plan for the next year.

The roadmap points to the release of Clinical Flower Therapy: 1st Edition around the middle of next year. In the lead up, I am updating the entire line up of products across the board so that they match the material in that book. Minor tweaks here and there mostly, but there are a lot of updates to do across the entire ecosystem.

Hence why I’ve been cracking the whip the last couple of months and not been seen on social media.


The first item to mention in these new changes is the new ‘Spotlight’ category in the shop. Spotlight will feature new release products as well as hand-picked products that match the FloraScope. ( look out for this as it’s coming soon ). Pre-orders, flash sales and what’s trending will also feature here.

I plan on further developing the Spotlight to “shine a light on other things” than just products. This is just the early version to get started and I’m not ready to reveal the whole plan just yet. Wait and see!

Special, Trial Offer

While we’re talking about the Spotlight and new release products, we have a new trial offer you can access in the top navigation. It’s a Pineapple Combo 15ml for anyone who wants to experience our drops and try them out. The bottle is free of charge and you only pay-for-postage. Full details on the page.

Expect to see more trial offers for different products.

Basic Training 1.0

Okay, let’s talk major releases. This one is a biggy. Basic training course and product guides.

In the lead up to the release of Clinical Flower Therapy: 1st Edition, a new ‘basic training’ course is in the process of roll out.

The first lesson is now available under the Classroom tab in the top navigation bar. With about 6 more modules currently in the works, walking you through everything to do with Clinical Flower Therapy.

The first lesson is a training guide for the 15ml remedies, the design of the labels and the special color-coded system we use to prescribe the Skyflowers.

Each lesson will build on the last and go through everything, basic properties of the plants, to creating combinations to the our various reference books, workshops and finally, our mission to revolutionize an entire industry. The overall format and content is still in progress and may be updated and tweaked as new material comes to light during the writing of Clinical Flower Therapy.

In terms of content, there are two ‘skill levels’ to learning Clinical Flower Therapy. Basic and Professional Training for flower surgeons.

  1. Basic Training will briefly introduce topics and summarise chapters and study modules, giving you a concept of all subjects involved in the Professional Training. Basic Training serves as a an introduction to anyone new to the Skyflowers.
  2. Professional Training will follow the same lesson plan as basic training but drill down into each topic. It will expand on basic training with long-form essays, technical explanations and Masterclass webinars. The key here is the in-depth discussion of even, so-called, ‘basic’ principles that often go ignored in the study of Clinical Flower Therapy – inconsequential things like plant studies.

Basic Training covers the basics of even advanced topics in mind-body medicine and introduces you to everything. It is designed to give you a good foundation and act as a starting point for further study.

As I am formatting Clinical Flower Therapy: 1st Edition anyway, it makes sense to release this ‘beginner material’ now as I am thinking about the chapters and lesson plan anyway. As I write the first draft and flesh out the content and order for the book, expect to see some of it published on the website in the Classroom > Basic Training section.

Box Set 2.0, Revisions & Other Updates

With the writing process for Clinical Flower Therapy: 1st Edition now in full swing and the roll out of basic training has begun, it also means I need to update the whole product range across the board and bring it also into alignment. Some Products only need minor changes while other things need so major overhauls.

Skyflowers: 12th Edition

To lay the groundwork for the Clinical Flower Therapy textbook, we starting out by revising the Skyflowers: 12th Edition to match the flow and progression of the book.

While the Skyflowers manual has had updates pretty much every year since it was published, with new releases and some new material, this years up will be a complete rewrite & update of the introduction. It will have new product guides, mindmaps ( who doesn’t love a good mindmap ) and concept drawings to put you in the picture.

The format will be completely pulled apart, reworked and streamlined to be an introduction to Clinical Flower Therapy, not just an introduction to the Skyflowers. So there will be new material which will give you a teasing glympse into the long-form version and text book.

The update from 11th to 12th edition is a major change and I can’t wait to complete it. As we Aussies say, it’s going to be a ripper.

Owners of previous editions will be able to update, free of charge to the new, slightly thicker edition and only pay-for-postage. Expect release dates for the 12th edition to be posted in the Q3 update later this year.

That’s the manual. Now let’s talk about the remedies.

Box Sets 2.0

Okay, this is another big one. You better buckle up.

Aside from updating the books and online training, we’re also making changes to our line up of box sets. Like in the old days, there will be three sets to choose from as well as some limited edition, custom sets that appear in the catalogue from time to time.

Namely because there are some new release remedies that will hit the catalogue, so the sets may need to be re-balanced to include these.

The range will include.

  • Skyflowers: Pro Set which may be updated with some new releases and will likely be renamed.
  • Emotional First Aid, a rescue-set geared toward worst case scenarios and is designed for frontline health care. It has all the heavy hitters.
  • Self Development for 2025, a limited edition set containing the most significant flower remedies for 2025 and match the collective themes in society.

Each set will be available in two versions – standard ( with 25 remedies ) and a new, deluxe edition with 50 remedies. I.e. the base set plus 25 additional remedies.

If you already own a set, fear not!

  • Current owners of any set will be notified by email and have the option of upgrading to the new editions. At a discount with free bonuses thrown in for being supporters.
  • New customers will be able to pre-order a set shortly. Pre-Order details will be announced in the Spring (Australia) update.

Okay, that’s the box sets. Now let’s talk about the empty boxes that are coming down the pipeline.

New Boxes and Display Stands

While production of Basic Training and the Skyflowers: 12th Edition are further along in their development, I’m pleased to announced we’re now in the very… early… stages of designing fresh, new packaging boxes and display stand for our sets!

( Editors Note: I kind of have to as I’m running out of boxes and am low on inventory lol. So, rather than simply automatically reprint the current design, I’ve had “a little think” about what worked and what didn’t work with the current one. And have come up with a better idea. And new, funky designs. )

I thought about what I wanted and decided to start from scratch. Most packaging boxes are designed for retail display in a shop or built tough for mailing somewhere. Instead of defaulting to those design principles, I’ve thought about how they get used in a clinic.

“How does a kinesiologist work with a set of flower remedies? Then scan them…” What you basically need is a display stand, not a box. Why do you need a box with a lid? You don’t. In a clinic, you need access to your set. What you really need is a display stand that shows off the remedies in an artistic way, not a box, with some cool design features built into it.

While the current box design was cosmetically pleasing ( and took me weeks to design ), it wasn’t practical to use in a clinic. The design of the lid was an issue. So we’re ditching the box-with-lid design and going with a range of display stands. Yes, a range of different shapes, capacities and models to choose from.

As well as holding 15ml bottles, I also plan to offer display stands for essential oils in the same artistic designs and color choices.

Early design and sketches look promising and the colors and materials I plan to use will really pop. Trust me, you haven’t seen flower remedy boxes like these designer art pieces!

That’s it for now. You can expect an update with release dates very soon.

Let fly,

Brendan Rohan | founder of Clinical Flower Therapy.

“The purpose of medicine is to rise above the need. The purpose of the practitioner is to guide you there.”

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