Miniature Bromeliad | for Personal Power

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Miniature Bromeliad

Neoregelia lilliputana

  1. Personal power has little to do with strength. And everything to do with perception. I.e. How big ( or small ) you think you are.
  2. Power comes from the realization that are bigger than any goal or issue in your life. The more you realize, the more power you wield.
  3. All of your problems have one thing in common. You see yourself as smaller than they are, so they dominate you.

Positive – Empowered, Powerful.

“We give our power to other people… to the future… to our fears. Then spend our lives, trying to get it back.”

  • Personal power. Or, a better & more accurate term, natural power.
  • Empowered. Standing strong without using willpower or force.
  • Equal to the task. Always in a position of power where something can be done.
  • Overcoming problems by standing tall. I.e. You are a giant.
  • Equality with other people & all living things.

Negative – Overpowered, Dominated.

“Reclaiming your power is easy. Take it back from what you project it onto – your past, other people, money, etc.”

  • Living small.
  • Pretending you are tiny, weak & insignificant. Manifesting the problems associated with that view. I.e. Big problems.
  • Fighting with other people. Power struggles rooted in the belief you are small. Dominated by others or belittling people you think less of.
  • Overshadowed by a personal issue. Dominated because you think the problem is bigger than you. Beaten because you diminish your size.
  • Inequality in society.

Pro System – Delusional Belief, Personal Illusion, Misperception of Reality.

Doctrine of Signatures

Compared to most other species of Neoregelia, the Miniature Flower is tiny. As it is one of the perception flowers, this remedy deals with the belief that “you are small” and that other people or the world is bigger than you are. The spots on the leaves are an indicator of “personal flaws” and given the scale of the spots compared to leaf size, this indicates the view that you have “big problems”.

Interestingly, despite the tiny size of the plant, the flowers are bigger than most other species of Neoregelia. They are also pronounced and are above the central cup. This is an indication that the issue is on the surface, obvious and you don’t have to delve too deeply to find ( or correct ) it.

Practitioner Notes

As the Neoregelia’s deal with perception & belief issues, the Miniature Bromeliad is like “plugging in a new set of eyes.” And taking a fresh look at yourself & the world.

  • Before drops are taken, the first belief to clear up is to do with flower remedies. As a reminder, flower remedies don’t “add” or give you anything. They strip away the illusions that stop natural qualities ( like personal power ) from manifesting in your life. In essence, the power is within you. Not the bottle!
  • On the subject of personal power, the lesson is simple. You are bigger than any experience you face. What you need to do is take action and express the power you have. You always have the power to do something. As the saying goes, “do the thing & you shall have the power”.
  • While there are many other good choices when mixing up a flower combination, the Miniature Bromeliad combines extremely well with Confidence, the Action Flower. Both have a very similar lesson & support each other in a flower blend.

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