Pygmy Pineapple ~ Stage 2 Stress

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15ml Stock Remedy.



Botanical Name – Ananus nanus


Learning that you can have a relaxed lifestyle & still achieve your goals. Dealing with mounting pressures that signal there are issues the need to be addressed. Understanding there are ramifications for putting constant pressure on yourself.


+ Loosening up. Unwinding after long periods of work or stress. Relaxing mental focus & physical tension. Easing into a more relaxed way of living without letting go of high standards.

Negative – Escalating Tension, Pressure.

– Stage 2 Stress. Pressured. Increasing pressure. Rising stress levels. Performance pressure – putting yourself under more and more pressure only to perform at the same level. Tensing up in the face of stress, hardship or disaster. Tightening your grip on a situation that is already tense. Pressured to face a situation that is worsening when you are exhausted.

Cause of Issue – Sustained Tension.

The Botanical Archetype Ananus relieves issues caused by tension & stress – which mirrors in the mind & the body.

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