Rebirth V | Stage 5 of 5

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Rebirth V | Stage 5 of 5

Dyckia fosteriana c.v. ‘Betty Fennel’ ~ Issues of Ego.

Lessons – “The spirit of life is life-giving, by nature. It is provident. Begin & end everything you do with this in mind.”

  1. The future is not written.
  2. The present is creative, spontaneous and can be anything you think of.
  3. The past is one path taken out of an infinite range of possibilities.
  4. The future is free because it is linked to the present which is creative. The future is not directly linked to a past that is set in stone.
  5. Evil does not want you to know this. It uses trickery and deceit to fool you into thinking the future is darker than the past.

Tip: Look to the future. Not your past. If the future seems dark, it is clouded by projections from the past.

Positive – Freedom, Free.

  1. Freedom, by default. Not as the end of a cycle of effort but as the beginning.
  2. Free to experience life.
  3. Free to create the life you wish to experience.
  4. Freedom that comes from within the spirit of life.
  5. Identified with a spirit that is outside the bounds of captivity.

Negative – Captive, Imprisoned.

  1. Captive of your own thoughts, actions & consequences.
  2. Seeking to escape life & the prison that you make it into.
  3. Trying to escape your past. Using the present moment of freedom to make your escape.
  4. Living a life that is geared to captivity. Stuck in a cycle that seeks to escape a prison that does not exist.
  5. Identified with an ego that is outside the bounds of freedom.

Pro System

Cause of the Problem – Alienation ( Loss of Self ) The Botanical Archetype Dyckia is for issues revolving around a disconnection from your true self.

The Ochagavia’s relieve issues caused by the ego, a faulty self image & listening to head talk.

See: Skyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 core issues.

Doctrine of Signatures

  1. Grounding – Genus Dyckia are low growing, mound-forming plants that tightly adhere to the Earth. This strong Earth-connection is a signature for grounding. Grounding in the true self, in the spirit, in the present moment. When we ground in the ego, the surface mind we are easily upset. This plant helps us to plunge our roots deeper than the surface mind & ground in something solid & stable. Which can be quite a transition.
  2. Razor-sharp leaves – The razor-sharp leaves of this species are protective & form a defensive barrier around the plant. This is a signature of protection while using this remedy and doing your inner work. So strong is this protection it will raise issues of insecurity to the surface & can be quite confronting. The intense, dark coloring of the leaves coupled with this protective shield signifies protection from your deepest, darkest fears.
  3. Tall flower spike – Finally, the tall flower spike with luminous orange flowers at the ends signifies a ‘distance’ from feelings. The emotions this remedy raises may be long forgotten or indeed, ancient in origin.


  1. The Rebirth Flowers are cathartic, by nature. They are potent & for professional use only. Take extra care when using these remedies. The rebirthing process is powerful and can easily cause a healing crisis, ‘ego implosion’ or identity crisis if the proper education and mental preparations are not made prior to application.
  2. Rebirthing is the process of ‘rebooting the bio-computer’. The Rebirth Flowers refresh the mind/body system, flush out old, outdated consciousness which allows for the system to ‘update’ with fresh information. Just like an update to your computer.
  3. You will likely need time to yourself or ‘go to ground’ during the grounding process. Allow time f& space for this before undergoing a course of drops.
  4. Meditation, monitoring by an outsider, proper hydration, support remedies & a period of prescribed rest are suggested as part of the rebirthing process.
  5. Patience is key. Don’t push the transformation of the ego. The soul is in no hurry. It will happen in time & let you know when it is complete.


The “spiritual quest” is really an “ego quest” to “fix, heal & improve yourself.” It’s a “fools quest” to “fix a perfect soul” and is motivated by a faulty self ( ego ) image. I.e. You are the higher self, so get on with living like you are.

Stop trying to “connect” to your true self or looking for yourself. You can’t be more connected to your soul, spirit than you already are.

“Soul contact”, “soul activation”, etc are redundant pursuits. Realizing that you are already in contact & your soul is already activated. What motivates these ( fundamentally self-centered ) pursuits is an ego that cannot see your totality, essence or spirit & therefore misreports who you are.

“Soul realization” is the spirit made real through physical action. So #LetFly!

Spirituality is about “living a spirited life”, not spending your whole life in a self-focused, self-absorbed & self-ish pursuit. You will “find yourself” through your actions. Particularly your service to others.

Pro Tip



Final Thoughts.

There are two paths in life. Be careful which one you decide to travel.


The journey “from flaw to perfection.” This false path is endless, fruitless and exhausting & cultivates ( self focus ) self-ishness.

The experience of “perfection to expression”. This is the path you were designed for. Pouring forth your spirit on the world & shining your light on the life of others.


Choose wisely.



  1. Ending old patterns. Engaging your problems & doing what you need to do to put them to rest.
  2. Allowing the cycles of nature to bring change. As opposed to mechanically via an act of will.
  3. Realizing that this moment is brand new & completely free of the past.

Positive – Renew, Refresh.

  • Rebirth – Stage 4.
  • Completion of an old cycle.
  • End of an era. Closing a chapter of your life because you have moved onto a new one.
  • Reborn in the moment. Giving birth to something new.
  • Starting a new chapter. Growing out of the life / experiences that belong to an earlier stage of awareness.

Negative –  Repeat, Replay.

  • Not waking up to yourself.
  • Repeating the same mistakes. Repeatedly giving birth to the same pain.
  • Replaying the same problems over & over again like a broken record.
  • Changing jobs, relationships, etc. Finding the same issues arise because your consciousness has not changed.
  • Using your mind to deny, change or ignore the problems in your life. Destined to return to where you left off in ‘the cycle of experience’ to engage & complete it.

Cause of Issue – Evolution ( of the Ego, Not the Immortal Soul / Spirit )

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