Queen of the Heavens ( Visualisation )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Queen of the Heavens

Alcantarea imperialis

Lessons – “What we imagine shapes our behaviour and these mental pictures need to factor in reality.”

  • Human beings may have ‘free will’ but this doesn’t mean that the mind can be used any old way. A common mistake is thinking that free will means you can.
  • The mind can imagine anything. This is a double-edged sword that requires discipline.
  • The human imagination has to be tamed and should not be mistaken for creativity. Creativity is not the ability to think up new thoughts & entertain your own mind. It is the process that ends in the creation of a final, physical product like art on a canvas or sheet music played on a piano.
  • Mental escapism is a real issue. Using the mind to escape reality is a trap that consumes energy and confines you to the problem you wish to escape.
  • Reality begins with an image in the mind. And ends with an image in the mind, in a perfect circle.

Tip: Big ideas, based on reality have a good chance of working. Castles in the air will cause friction.

Positive – Envision, Imagine.

  • Conceiving of plans, goals and outcomes that produce an immediate or practical result.
  • Tames the imagination so your ideas, plans & goals are based on reality. Ideas that build on the current reality and improve on it.
  • Picturing a better future by working with the current one. Building your way toward it.
  • Visualizing a concrete goal with a concrete outcome in an achievable time frame.
  • Envisioning a brighter future and building towards it. Using concrete reality as the stepping stones, not ideas.

Negative – Abstract, Theoretical.

The large size of the plant indicates a ‘big idea’… and the layers of dead leaves at the base of the plant indicate ‘layers of junk’ in the mind that need to be cleared out. A big idea based on layers of old, outdated thinking.

  • Problems turning ideas into realities.
  • Ideological goals that may not have a clear path to fruition.Concerned with hypothetical theories rather than practical applications.
  • Entertaining ideas that have not been tested in reality or are not sustainable long-term.
  • Adhering to theory or dogma rather than practical considerations, financial costs or hard realities.
  • Impractical plans that buckle the fabric of society when implemented.

Pro System

  • Cause of the Problem – Visualization ( Imagination ) – The Botanical Archetype Alcantarea ( new in 2022 ) is for issues caused by visualizing impractical goals that have no basis in reality.
  • The Alcantarea’s relieve issues caused by ideas based on an incomplete view of reality.
  • SeeSkyflowers: Pro System for more information about the 21 core issues.


  • Prior to 2022, there were only two flower groups that worked with the mental body. The Flaming Swords ( yang ) for clarity and the Air Plants ( yin ) for awareness. Now a 3rd flower type appears for use, the large growing Alcantarea’s.
  • Close cousin of the Flaming Swords, Alcantarea’s like the Queen of the Heavens deal with the imagination and how we picture ideas, plans and goals.
  • Human creativity & imagination is a double-edged sword. In the positive, we can use it to build on the current reality and improve our lives. In the negative, if we pain over or ignore current reality, then our ideas will cause friction when they meet reality.
  • Queen of the Heavens is a unique remedy in that it aligns the mental body with the emotional body ( actions ) and ensures there is a clear channel into the physical world. It aligns the central channel so that pure, life energy flows directly from the spirit and into the world of form.
  • Thinking, picturing goals, goals are a discipline. The mind has ‘rules’ and if not used correctly, can cause all kinds of issues as mental reality moves further and further out of alignment with actual reality.


  • Visualization should begin with current reality and build from there, step-by-step. Big ideas that aren’t based on reality will be problematic to implement and sustain.
  • Visualization and meditation are two very different actions. The first is an active state of mind and the second is a passive one that reveals activity within it. While ‘guided visualization’ is popular, it can add new layers of activity to the mind. See: Meditation 15ml.
  • Using the imagination to deny problems or “paint over reality” is a trap. It’s a bad habit that is hard to overcome because it requires you to face reality.

Pro Tip

The Queen of the Heavens pairs well with the other ‘royal’ flowers. The royal flowers are suggested as the first flowers to use in a combination remedy.

  1. King of Bromeliads – for decisiveness, quick thinking and the removal of unclear thoughts.
  2. Queen of Bromeliads – for emotional composure & poise during chaotic times.
  3. Bronze Flaming Sword – for authority issues and adopting the role of leader in your life.

Final Thoughts.

The mind can be used in two ways only.

  1. The mind focused on reality can alter, shape and build on it.
  2. The mind that denies reality and use the imagination to escape it, cannot.

Choose wisely.

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