Heart of Flame ( Rough Handling )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Heart of Flame

Bromelia balansae

Aiming for slow, gradual & seamless shifts in consciousness to ensure comfortable change and growth. Learning the art of ‘invisible changes’ when working on yourself or as a health practitioner. Avoiding ‘sudden, break neck’ changes to your life. 


Smooth. Refined. Delicate approach to subtle issues. Fine tuning your life rather than seeking major overhauls. Gradual, smooth & subtle shifts in consciousness that are hardly noticeable. Seamless transitions that are invisible and comfortable. Avoiding self harm during inner work. Taking a careful approach to problems and issues. Seamlessly joining your old life to your new life. Allowing life to make the changes that need to be made, when they need to be made and point out where you need to grow up. Allowing life to change you gradually, slowly and in a way that suits your soul. Up to date in your thinking, beliefs and awareness.

Negative – Mishandle, Rough or Harsh Treatment.

Primitive thinking as the basis of current awareness. Brutal. Barbaric. Harsh or rough treatment. Inflaming the situation through a lack of real care. Sharp, sudden changes in life that only cause damage. Radical or quick changes that cause more harm than good. Knee jerk reactions to the problems you have in your life. Heavy handed approaches to the delicate work of healing and inner change. Upset by sudden changes in consciousness which disturb mood or temperament. Quick shifts in the name of healing that produce a new wave of issues. Causing a healing crisis due to poor understanding and technique. Healing work or therapy that is based upon an incorrect view of the actual problem – ‘performing the wrong surgery’. Blind to the damage caused by your approach to your inner life. Ripping into consciousness. Savage. Primitive approaches to life based upon incorrect views of life. Brutality disguised as nurture. Harsh treatment of the soul based upon the idea that it is damaged, broken or wounded, when it is not. Abrasive attitudes toward a perfect soul. Sharp changes when change was not required.

Cause of Issue – Under Research

The Botanical Archetype Bromelia is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘sudden shifts in consciousness’ that cause wounding or upset.

Lesson of this Plant Group

The life process proceeds at a slow, gradual, almost invisible pace for a reason. Mimic this approach in your inner work to reduce the chance of inner wounding and causing more problems.

The Doctrine of Signatures

When mature, this 2 meter wide, sword-like bromeliad is a real spectacle. The plant is extremely sharp and dangerous to approach without taking care. This is a signature clue to approach your inner work ( and self ) with great care and warns that your current mindset may be too rough, harsh or abrasive and you are in danger of mishandling the situation – a key word for this flower. The sharp nature of the plant protects anyone taking this flower remedy from harming themselves with rough treatment.

When flowering, the Heart of Flame has an intensely colored, bright red heart which is a sign from nature that this is an intense issue and needs careful handling. The red coloring is a warning to ‘stop and approach with extreme caution’, adjust your mentality and take a softer, less harsh tone toward yourself. The harshness of your thinking is the issue.

Healers applying this flower to clients should also take notice of this message and may be surprised to find that underneath their ‘gentle and loving’ motivations hides quite harsh thinking toward their client – ideas that they are flawed, imperfect and ‘still have much to learn, change and heal’ even after years of self development and effort.

The Heart of Flame offers advice to kinesiologists and healers who seek radical shifts and cathartic emotional releases as a sign of ‘progress’. The flower warns against this practice and encourages a different approach – stop for a moment, soften your hard attitudes and relax into the current experience so that life can make the required changes if and when they are required. At a gradual pace set by life, not oneself.

The Heart of Flame suggests to taking a slow, gradual and smooth approach to your inner work and to avoid ‘jack hammering at your soul’. And seek subtle and smooth changes instead of ‘big or sudden’ ones. This avoids inner wounding ‘in the name of love, healing and spiritual growth’ and soothes the soul.

No medical claims made.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Plant Group

Sub-Family 3 – Pitcairnioidieae, Bromelia


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