Carnivorous Bromeliad 2 | 15ml Remedy

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Carnivorous Bromeliad 2

Catopsis moreniana

  1. Principle & spiritual truth can never be destroyed. They can only be disguised, hidden and forgotten.
  2. Subversion ( corruption ) begins at the root. It attacks principles by replacing them with lesser, easier ones.

Positive – Conserve, Preserve.

  1. Thinking for yourself. Knowing what your principles are.
  2. Streetwise. Aware of what you are really supporting or aligning yourself with.
  3. Filtering out poisons to your spirit. Wary not to buy into false doctrines that lead people astray or are a problem to the health of society.
  4. Maintaining discipline. Sticking to your core principles even when life gets tough or a group of people think differently.
  5. Shining a light on who people are. Showing your true colors so others can easily see what you stand for.

Negative – Subvert, Overthrow. 

  1. Abandoning principles at the first sign of stress or personal cost.
  2. Group think. Adopting the mantra of the collective, even if it clashes wildly with what you truly believe.
  3. Going along with the trend of the day. Seeking comfort and to fit in with collective mentality even when it is provably wrong.
  4. Exploited by subversive groups operating in society that have commandeered ethics, moral principles and the law.
  5. Subversion. Having your principles removed & completely replaced by evil-minded people.

Cause of Issue – Subversion ( Corruption of Truth ) The Botanical Archetype Catopsis is for issues of Subversion. This remedy is for issues of long term mistruth and the behaviours that lead you away from a soulful life.

Lesson of this Plant Group

The truth can never be destroyed. It can only be disguised. Eventually, however, the lost truth will return to balance & restore order. This is a law of nature.

The Doctrine of Signatures

The Carnivorous Bromeliad 2 is a new flower remedy ( and botanical archetype ) in 2022. As the names suggest, both of the carnivorous bromeliads deal with deep deceit, trickery and destructive exploitation. Both plants use ingenious tactics to trick insects and other prey into taking actions that lead to their demise but benefit the plant. These signature clues of seduction, trickery and fraud are the general properties of carnivorous plants such as the venus flytrap, sundew and Carnivorous Bromeliad 1 & 2.

The first Carnivorous Bromeliad, Brochinnia reducta, deals with issues of exploitation, manipulation and fraud. It is indicated when “about to step into a trap’ and when you are becoming aware that you have been under a long term spell. Leading you to be open to fraud.

By contrast, Carnivorous Bromeliad 2 is for a more sinister issue and an escalation of simple manipulation. Carnivorous Bromeliad 2 is indicated when your principles are under attack or have been replaced long ago by a valueless belief system. While it can be indicated for a specific event, it is generally indicated when society around you is pressuring you into thinking, acting and behaving differently than you normally would. When you are being coerced into adopting a thought process that is the anti-thesis of common sense, decency and behaviors based on principle virtues.

Such corruption begins very slowly, almost imperceptibly and then escalates the further into the trap you go. The new dogma is expanded, more antithetical aspects are added that you normally would not agree to. Until eventually you are finally caught in a web of lies and unable to extract yourself from them. By that time, you may become aware that you are caught in a trap but decide that it is too late to do anything about it. Sealing your fate.

Carnivorous Bromeliad 2 is a timely new release as the world wakes up to the subversion of human values & is in the process of rejecting false narratives.

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