King of Bromeliads

Vriesea heirogliphica

Being clear about who you are and where you are leading your life. Making decisions that are of a high quality and conducting yourself accordingly. Aligning yourself with your higher purpose and not your low grade worries about money or life.

+ Leadership. Clear thinking. Decisive. Consciously directing your life toward your goals. Taking firm and quick action on your decisions to ensure probable outcome. Changing your life path if you find it to be of a lesser quality.

Negative – Confusion, Indecision.
– Indecisive. Making decisions based upon your current emotional state. Afraid to make a decision because you believe in fatal mistakes.

Cause of Issue – Confusion.
The Botanical Archetype Vriesea relieves issues caused by con(scious)fusion & conflicting thoughts.

Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Core Issue

Mental Body, Vriesea


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