Red Sacred Heart ( Unmasking )


15ml Stock Remedy.



Red Sacred Heart

Ochagavia carnea

Soul contact. Connecting with ‘the real you’ and learning to live your life from that vantage point. Unveiling the Higher Self while shedding your ego’s disguises.

Positive – Discover, Reveal.

Authenticity. Uncovering fact. Unmasking the real you. Discovering a long, lost truth about you. Learning your innermost secrets. Living an authentic existence based upon your soul and the spirit of who you are.

Negative – Mask, Disguise.

Covering up. Hiding the truth about who you are. Manipulating information so that it translates as something else. Making a habit of playing with the facts. Unable to see the simple truth that is in front of you. Unable to respond to it also. Covering up reality by hiding it behind a fantasy. Unable to find simple answers to lifes question because you have hidden them from yourself. Ignoring present reality by drifting into a fantasy world of masks and illusions. Masking reality by painting a better picture than what is actually happening. Painting rainbows over disasters, problems over opportunities, etc. Disguising your behaviour so it appears healthy, good or productive. Manipulating or twisting facts so that you appear to be a good person. Unable to see your own behaviour for what it is. Blind to the truth because you don’t wish to see it and have hidden it from yourself.

Cause of Issue – Volition ( Sacred Contacts & Vows ).
The Botanical Archetype Ochagavia is still under research. One clue is that they are for ‘finding your true self’.


Additional information

Weight 60 g
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 90 mm
Core Issue

Physical ( Karmic ) Body, Ochagavia


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