2023. The Year of #Reckoning. 

Skyflowers: Pro Set

The Skyflowers: Pro Set contains all 21 flower types used in the Skyflowers: Pro System plus 4 ‘must have’ indicator remedies that highlight other key issues. Making this a compact, yet comprehensive, diagnostic toolkit for your clinic.

The Skyflowers – Pro Set pinpoints the core issue & provides detailed knowledge of the underlying problem. Perfect for kinesiology!


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Designed for Professionals. Perfect for Kinesiology.

The Skyflowers

The Flowers of Ascension. In 15ml Stock.

Mental Body

Clinical Flower Therapy

“Surgical Precision. Professional Results.”

The practice of flower therapy has been completely re-written. From the ground up.

Combining traditional, plant-based methods with the latest research, this definitive text teaches you the fundamentals of Clinical Flower Therapy. Helping you deliver flower remedies “the way nature intended”. 


Emotional Body

We Make our Flower Remedies from the Most Evolved Plants on Earth. After a Few Drops, You Will See Why.


25ml Combination

The collective theme of 2022 is “personal power”.

  • Shifting the belief that “you are small ( weak, tired, etc )” to the reality that you always have the power to do something.
  • Looking at all the ways you give away your power.
  • Redirecting your energies from ‘fighting to reclaim power’ to expressing the power you have.

The learning process will bring issues & challenges – individually and collectively. This blend is designed to deal with the issues raised.


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Miniature Bromeliad

15ml “Flower of the Year” for 2022.


  • Empowered. 
  • Standing in your natural, native power.
  • Believing that you are bigger than your problems.


  • Power struggles.
  • Spending your ( life ) energy fighting for your rights, power, etc.
  • Giving power to other people, the future, your fears, etc. Then being overpowered by them.

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Physical ( Karmic ) Reality

Emotions: 2nd Edition

New, double-sized edition!

Complied from two decades of work, this original, hand-crafted dictionary of 1,000 rare emotions, complex thought patterns & specialized terminology gets to the root of the issue.

Updated with new material to deal with a common weakness in self development – financial education & money mastery.


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We don’t just Make Flower Remedies. We’re Revolutionizing an Industry.

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“The Purpose of Medicine is to Rise Above its Need.

The Purpose of the Practitioner is to Guide You There.”

Brendan Rohan ~ founder of The Skyflowers Project

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