Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid

25 Remedies for Emotional Crisis.

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What's Inside

25 ‘Rescue-type’ Remedies for Emotional Crisis.

Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid contains 25 ‘rescue-type’ remedies for expressing deep hurt while preventing a ‘healing crisis’. This toolkit should be in any natural health clinic and is a good compliment to any set of flower remedies, providing strong support in times of distress & crisis. Good for ‘worst case scenarios’.

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Set Includes

  1. Skyflowers ~ 9th Edition ( $25 Value )
  2. Box Set with 25 x 15ml of the Best Flower Remedies for Deep Upset & Healing Crisis ( $375 Value )
  3. Skyflowers App for Mac or Windows ( Free ) ~ Digital Copy of the Skyflower Guide


  • 2019 Collective Consciousness 25ml ( $20 Value ) ~ for the Issues & Challenges of 2019

Professional Upgrade ( Sold Separately )

  • Pro Charts | Emotional First Aid
  • Emotional First Aid | Clinical Manual ( Coming in 2019 )

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Emotions for Kinesiology ~ 2nd Edition

Self Development. For Grown Ups.

Most self help books cover ‘anger’, ‘sadness’ and common emotions. Conversely, they don’t shine a light on the darkest places in the human mind so real reflection, growth and work can be done!

  1. Affirmation Overdose
  2. Client / Therapist Co-Dependence
  3. Overbalanced Energy / Overbalancing
  4. Self Help Addiction
  5. Spiritual Materialism

Emotions covers a wide range of tough issues ~ from the unhealthy side of self help… to murderous intent. This manual is designed for grown ups who are interested in real self development, growth and maturity as a human being.

New Edition. Coming March 2019.

Pro Charts | Emotional First Aid


These handy, laminated A4 charts are a great companion for Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid. They are designed to be a quick reference in the clinic and with clarity in mind. Read More.

  • 2 x A4 charts ( 4 sides ) for the Skyflowers: Emotional First Aid boxset.
  • Simple, 3-line listings for 25 individual remedies. Concise-yet-informative descriptions to help raise awareness on-the-fly.
  • Dictionary-style definitions, common terms and relevant key words relating to the vibrational characteristics of the plants.

Great for kinesiology & energy balancing!

Desktop Apps

The desktop companion apps to Emotions for Kinesiology for Mac or Windows. An exact digital replica of the print version to use on your computer, complete with page turning animations. Perfect for students.

for Mac or Windows.